Australian Geography

Below is a map of Australia. It is a blank map with no labels on it.

Your task is to use the link below (click on the link and it will take you to another internet page) to research all of the states/territories and capital cities in Australia.

You will then find the states and cities before writing a comment for this post of all the states/territories and their capital cities.

Example: Purple = Victoria, Melbourne. (Use the colours on the map to separate the states)

If you are able to complete that task, use the link below to research 5 Australian landmarks (and their state) and use Google to research 5 famous Australians. You will complete this task in a separate comment. For this task please try and use some sentences.

20 thoughts on “Australian Geography

  1. The states of Australia that I found are:

    Northern Terriortory
    Western Australia
    South Australia
    New South Wales

  2. Nothern territoy, Darwin

    Western Australia, Perth

    Queensland, Brisbane

    ACT, Canberra

    New South wales, Sydney

    Victoria, Melbourne

    Tasmania, Hobart

    South Australia, Adelaide

  3. Australian Geography

    I have learnt that there is different colours for different areas of Australia and all the other continents in the world.

    🌐Blue = Western Australia, Perth.🌐
    🌐Red = Northern Territory, Darwin.🌐
    🌐Green = Queensland, Brisbane 🌐
    🌐Orange = NSW, Sydney 🌐
    🌐Yellow = South Australia, Adelaide 🌐
    🌐Purple = Victoria, Melbourne 🌐
    🌐Blue = Tasmania, Hobart 🌐

      1. Thanks Anyieth for replying to my post and I hope you I understand that you have read my post on Australian Geography. Thanks 🙂

  4. These are the states of Australia

    Victoria capital Melbourne
    New South Wales capital Sydney
    Queensland capital Brisbane
    Northern territory capital Darwin
    Western Australia capital Perth
    Southern Australia capital Adelaide
    Tasmania capital Hobart
    ACT capital Canberra

  5. Australian Geography
    Queensland, Brisbane
    New South Wales,Sydney
    South Australia Adelaide
    Northen territory,Darwin
    Western Australia,Perth

  6. The states I have found are:

    Victoria, Melbourne
    Western Australia
    New south Wales
    South Australia, Adelaide
    Northern territory,darwin

  7. Victoria,Melbourne
    New South Wales,Sydney
    South Australia,Adelaide
    Northan Territory,Darwin
    Western Australia,Perth
    ACT ,Canberra

  8. Darwin Northern Territory

    Queensland Brisbane

    Western Australia Perth

    South Australia Adelaide

    Tasmania Hobart

    Canberra ACT

    Melbourne Victoria

  9. 1. Heart reef is in Queensland.
    2. The MCG is in Melbourne.
    3. Uluru is in The heart of Northern Territory.
    4. The Sydney Opera house is in New South Wales.
    5. Bondi beach is in Sydney

    1. Sir Donald Bradman
      The most dominant sportsman the world has ever seen.
      Sir Howard Florey
      Howard Florey the man who saved millions.
      John Curtin
      With World War II almost inevitable.
      Eddie Marbo
      The famous British war fighter.
      Sir John Marnash
      A man born to Lead A war.

  10. New south whales is Sydney, Queensland has Brisbane,Northern Territory Darwin
    South Australia Adelaide,act Canberra and Western Australia which is perth.

  11. Northern Territory Darwin
    Queensland Brisbane
    South Australia Adelaide
    NSW Sydney
    Victoria Melbourne
    Tasmania Hobart
    Western Australia
    ACT Canberra

  12. The states I found were:

    Blue: Western Australia, Perth.
    Red: Nothern Territory, Darwin.
    Green: Queensland, Brisbane.
    Orange: NSW, Sydney.
    Yellow: South Australia, Adelaide.
    Purple: Victoria, Melbourne.
    Blue: Tasmania,Hobart.

  13. A rare shark has been caught called the frilled shark.
    The frilled shark looked weird, ugly, scary, and freaky.
    I would have felt Exited and scared.
    This shark is uncommon because the frilled shark usually lives 400m under water but this one was found 1000m.

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