Thinking When Reading

3/4A have been working hard on forming opinions when reading books. This week we have used two read alouds and the personal response template to better understand the texts we read.


3 thoughts on “Thinking When Reading

  1. Stranded and Sunday Chutney were both very good books. Stranded was a book about whales and sad moments when Sunday chutney was all about moving and school. And they were both amazing books, and the reposes we did made me understand the book even more then I ever needed too! 😛

  2. Reblogged this on Our Global Classroom and commented:
    Thanks again to Mr Andrew, 3/4a have provided us with the lesson in Reading we will be exploring this week. To become independent readers we need to think about what we read. Last week you read Subday Chutney. This week we will look at the book again but from a different angle. Remember reading is thinking.

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