Sensory Seeds

A sensory seed can be used to produce a descriptive piece of writing. When unpacking a sensory seed, we usually use a prompt such as a picture and then unpack our senses about the image by imagining we are inside the image.

We can write down what we see, feel, hear, imagine, wonder, taste and smell.

Today we are going to unpack two seeds. The first seed I will model on the board by using the shark and kayak image. The second seed, on the ugly sea creature, we will all do in our writers’ notebook.

15 thoughts on “Sensory Seeds

  1. Shark & Kayak
    By Tyson Gill

    The kayak rocked from side to side as an extremely big shark merged it’s way to the surface when the man in the kayak traveled the ocean.

    When the kayaker found out that he wasn’t alone, he was alarmed! He felt like he would faint.

    Will the man in the kayak die? He heard other kayakers paddling for their lives as they scream.

    The razor sharp teeth was the only thing the kayaker could think about.

  2. The Ugliest Fish.

    It’s massive eyes were almost bulging out of its head when I picked it up. I was so shocked I was going to faint, but I knew that I had to observe it for a couple of minutes to try and figure out what this mysterious creature was that I caught.

    The creature’s teeth was as sharp as a butcher’s knife. It’s skin was as slimy as gak. I could hear families and friends screaming at me to put it down, but I just ignored them and kept going. I was thinking if this creature was worth billions of dollars or maybe worth nothing at all. Maybe there’s only one of them in the entire world.

    By Anna

  3. Giant Tsuananna
    By Tyson Gill

    I was gobsmacked of my view. A massive tsuananna was overcoming the city as people started running to the other side of the city for their safety.

    People are feeling frightened as people get evacuated. It is starting to flud and people and people are dying.

    Will millions of people die from this horrifying.

  4. The Ugly Fish
    By Tyson Gill.

    It’s massive eyes were almost bulging out of it’s head! The creature made him want to throw up.

    Screaming is echoing into the distance as the disgusting creature continues to drool all over the poor guy. He was scared as a cat being chased up a street 100km per hour!

    He could hear seagulls screeching at the disgusting little creature. He wondered if he was going to risk his life. He thought he was going to be the ugly disgusting fish’s dinner!

  5. The ugly fish

    “Ahh”! I screamed. What have I caught?” It was a big ugly creature staring at me with its big eyes drilling and wriggling around. Its razor sharp teeth were ready to snap at me.

    I was terrified. I felt like crying to my self. I can hear people behind me screaming to run away. I wonder will I survive? I wonder what it is or where it lives? It is terrifying like a vampire in a cave. What do I do next ?

    By Marley

  6. The ugly fish

    It’s as Long as a rule and it’s as scary as a humongous ghost. You can hear a load nose coming from the monster. You can feel the monster wigging in his hands and you can feel the yucky slime coming of the monster. You can see a moe hawk along the side of the monsters back and the monster has strips along the monsters body. I wonder if the monster will slip out of his hands and then eat the human from top to bottom. The monsters was dealing a big panel of water.

    Aslan 3/4A

  7. The Ugly FishThe Ugly Fish

    It’s massive eyes were almost bulging out of its head when I caught it. I was so horrified that I thought I was going to faint, but luckily I did not. I wonder what this mysterious creature could be? Its razor sharp teeth where sharp like a dagger.

    As I was holding the odd looking thing I could feel the slimy thing trying to wriggle free between my fingers. It’s disgusting drool was splashing on my face. It’s gulps of air were so loud that I could not hear myself gasping.

    By Tayla

  8. Shark And Kayak
    Author: Brock
    The massive sharks Bally was so hungry. The ginormous shark was thinking about eating the person that is on the small kayak. Then the person on the kayak was so scared that he tried to get away from the shark but instead he tried to go move out of the bigger bouts way that was going to the land. But the water only moved the shark and not the small kayak that is in the water that was deep as from the ground in the sea.

  9. The Shark And The Kayak

    I can see a giant sharks shadow frantically bumping on my boat as I try to paddle away with my oars

    I could feel the fierce sun shining brightly on my sunburnt back.

    I wonder if the shark would bite my boat. I wonder if the kayaker knows the sharks there.

    I could hear the rippling calm water as the shark came closer.

    By Anyieth

  10. The Ugly Fish
    Arghhh! I screamed. What have I caught? It looked like a giant worm, it’s teeth were pointing out at me like knives . It was wearing sunglasses too. The thing was duelling all over me like an old dog.

    I felt scared as the thing grunted continually. I felt tears in my eyes from the horror. What was going to happen?

    Author: Malachi

  11. THE UGLY FISH 3/4
    “Arghhh”! I screamed what have I caught? I saw a horrible looking thing in my hand.
    The thing had raster sharp teeth.The blue sky was as blue as a blue peace of paper.
    I could see the ugliness of the ugly thing I have never Sean before.

  12. The ugly fish.

    It’s massive eyes were almost bolting out of it’s head. It almost looked like a ugly fish. My rod was holding the fish. I was looking at it’s teeth. They are very sharp teeth. The sun shines on the fish it’s pink.”wow”


  13. it’s massive eyes were almost bulging out of it’s head.😈
    I see an ugly fish which made me predict it fell from the sky.😏
    I heard a freak fish gulping which made me frightened.👹

  14. (Draft) Remote Control
    By Tyson Gill

    No! But I am not able to speak at all anymore, because a cat has pointed the remote at me and I have being frozen. I am gobsmacked. I am standing in the middle of town like an idiot.

    I can see, but I can not move my head to see what was going on in the side of my view. I wonder how I got frozen like this in the first place.

    I feel like a stupid idiot in the middle of the street being crowded by a bunch of people trying to crack me up. They believe I am good. I hear lots of noise and lots of racket until I realise I have being unfrozen.

    I wondered that I would be stuck for ever, but I was wrong.

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