Science: Food Chains

Today we are going to learn about food chains. All ecosystems need food chains for the natural habitat to survive. If the food chain is broken or changed it may severely damage the ecosystem.

Click on the link below to learn more about food chains.

We will now create a food chain in our science books. Your food chain must have the following:

– A producer (plant or grass)

– A primary consumer (usually a herbivore)

– A secondary consumer (usually a carnivore)

15 thoughts on “Science: Food Chains

  1. Owl

    Plant > Insect > Mouse > Owl

    Seaweed > Shrimp > Small fish > Tuna > Large shark

  2. Energy/sun > producer/plant > consumer/rabbit > consumer/hawk.

    My Learning:
    A food chain is a type of energy then a producer that can be a plant. Then it goes into some animals that is called ‘consumer.’

    1. I am not so sure if I had done the right thing and I have had fun learning this Food Chanpin and I will do more research at home and I will not let you down.


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