Descriptive Writing: Hot Dog Eating Competition

This week for writing, we are going to focus on adding description in our work. We can add description by using the following:

– adjectives

– similes

– wow words and synonyms

– use your senses to what can be seen, felt, heard, tasted, smelt and wondered.

– describe settings

– try and have a really interesting beginning to engage readers

You will unpack a seed on the hot dog eating competition video. You will imagine you are a competitor.

When unpacking your seed you will need to use your senses.

Once your seed has been unpacked you will write a draft that will have three snapshots. The first snapshot will be before the competition, the second will be during the competition and the third snapshot will be at the end. Remember to add description and check your punctuation.

2 thoughts on “Descriptive Writing: Hot Dog Eating Competition

  1. I felt so energised l could think of myself eating millions of hot dogs.

    I drank the oil and it was disgraceful as me drinking dirty water.

    I was eating like a pig on purpose shoving everything in my mouth. I hear lots of people chanting and I was rightfully full.

    I saw a massive group of people .It Looked like animals because they was as loud as a
    Herd of lions roaring.

  2. Snapshot Non-Fiction Story Writing: Hot Dog Competition

    Yum… Hot dogs. A massive crowd is going to watch me scoff all these delicious hot dogs, down my throat, with all the competitors. I start to hear a countdown, from the crowd. I start to feel a little bit nervous. I can smell delicious hot dogs, that I am about to demolish throughout the competition. I start to wonder why I even signed up for this hot dog eating competition, anyway? 00:03, 00:02, 00:01, 00:00 GOOOO! ‘Chanted the crowd.’ Start eating hot dogs!

    During the rest of the competition… I start to feel sick of eating so many hot dogs, and I start to feel like I am going to puke a dozen hot dogs all over myself. The smell and taste of the hot dogs are start to go a bit bland and disgusting. The crowd continues to cheers us off. Clumps of noise is getting made by our gigantic crowd and cheers and 100% of the earths volume of noise…

    Then, it was down to the last 00:30 seconds of the competition and the noise rises to 150%… 50% louder than the middle of the competition.

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