The Magic Remote… 100 Word Challenge

Today you will unpack a seed based on a magic remote control and then write a 100 word challenge with lots of description.

Your draft can be written straight onto the blog, although you will need to make sure you read your writing before posting it.

4 thoughts on “The Magic Remote… 100 Word Challenge

  1. (Draft) Remote Control
    By Tyson Gill

    No! But I am not going to be able to speak at all anymore, because a cat has pointed the remote at me and I have being frozen. I am gobsmacked. I am standing in the middle of town like a weird person.

    I can see, but I can not move my head to see what was going on in the side of my view. I wonder how I got frozen like this in the first place.

    I feel like a stupid idiot in the middle of the street being crowded by a bunch of people trying to crack me up. They believe I am good. I hear lots of noise and lots of racket until I realise I have being frozen.

  2. The Mysterious Remote Control…

    People are screaming in shock and wonder as I walk out of the party room feeling guilty as I just froze someone.. My invincibility is growing as I use the mystery control more and more.I feel nervous as if somebody’s going to find out my mysterious remote control problem.The mysterious magical remote control is glaring at me as I glare back.Will this control make me invincible?Does this thing harm people??

    By Anyieth!

  3. I’m trying to relax and watch TV and my stupid cat keeps getting in the way of the screen.

    I pause the movie to put the cat outside. I go to pick him up and he is as still as a statue. I listen for breathing all good but he’s still not moving. What is happening?

    I don’t know what to do so I pick him up and hide him in the corner and go back to my movie.

    CLICK, I press play and the movie starts again. All of a sudden the cat is in front of the TV again.

    I press pause again and he is still again. What’s going on?

    I press play again and he moves. WOW!! I’m controlling my cat. This is AWESOME. I press fast forward and the cat runs around the room. I press rewind and he runs back wards. This is so much fun I have forgotten my movie.

  4. I can’t walk I can’t speak and i can’t even move…I was just standing there while everybody surrounded me theres wonder and curiousty all around and I then fell to the ground like a puddle and then.. my legs tingled I got up as fast as I could then I ran as fast as a cheetah in the long grass ready to pounce and my legs took me as fast as I could ever run…

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