Information Report: Sharks

An information report is a piece of writing informs readers about a topic. It is written in linked sentences and contains true information.
An information report has a beginning (introduction), middle (detailed information about the topic) and a conclusion.

Today we are going to unpack a seed in preparation for an information report. We will use the sub-headings and images to help us unpack the seed.


APPEARANCE: What it looks like, size, weight

BEHAVIOUR – What it does, diet, how it catches its food

HABITAT – Where they live

4 thoughts on “Information Report: Sharks


    A shark is an animal that lives in the ocean.There are many different types of sharks. Some sharks are very dangerous.

    Some sharks look dangerous and deadly but they can be quite gentle. Some or most sharks have a pointy snout.They have fins to help them swim.The most common fin seen is their dorsal fin. When sharks come to the surface you can see their dorsal fin. Some are really tiny and small like the dwarf mantle fish others are big like the great white shark, which can grow to 7 metres. They have razor sharp teeth.

    People think sharks attack deliberately, they don’t. Sharks have poor eyesight and they only attack when they think their habitat is getting invaded or somebody is going to destroy it.They mainly eat fish,squid and seals.

    Sharks prefer warmer waters in the middle of the earth.They mainly live in salt waters.They can be on the surface or like the Great White Shark they can go 1280 meters down into the ocean like the Great White Shark.They like salt waters not fresh waters.

    Some sharks are protected species like the Great White Shark.They can be dangerous so I recommend people should stay well and truly away from them.

  2. Sharks
    A shark is a creature that lives in the ocean. There are many unique types of sharks and some are harmless and some are very dangerous.

    Sharks have something on them called gills which help them breathe underwater. Most sharks have tongues but they are useless for hunting. Some sharks also have a pointy mouth. All sharks have fins to help them swim when they are underwater. A large amount of sharks have razor-sharp teeth that help them hunt for food.

    A few sharks can go down to 1280 meters below the surface! Sharks hunt by using their razor sharp teeth to lock their target in to their mouth. Sharks are carnivores which mean they eat dolphins, seals and fish.

    Sharks live around many countries and they prefer warm water more than cold or hot water. Sharks sometimes attack humans for food. The most common places for shark attacks are USA and Australia.

    A lot of sharks are highly dangerous so I recommend that you stay away from them as best you can.

    By Anna

  3. Sharks
    A shark is a animal that lives under water and most are dangerous.
    A shark has two dorsal fins eyes and a mouth. it has two fins on the side of its body to help it stay up right in the water. Sharks also have a tail fin to push it along. The smallest shark is the dwarf lectern shark.
    sharks swim hungrily through the water to find Seals or Dolphins. Sharks can attack people. Shark attacks manly occur USA.
    Sharks mainly live near the the middle of the earth were the equator is. This is where the water is warmer.
    Some sharks are dangerouse so don’t them because they can cause serious injury or death.
    By Malachi

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