Our topic this term is Happy, Healthy Me. 

Please post the following as a comment under this post:

– Topic

– Focus Area

– Inquiry Question

– Call of action

30 thoughts on “Inquiry – HAPPY HEALTHY ME

  1. Happiness


    Why does being social keep you happy?

    We want people to be more social to improve their happiness.

  2. Diet

    Gluten free foods

    Encouge people to eat gluten free foods.

    Our question is how does gluten efect our health.

  3. Topic – Rest

    Focus Area – Affect rest has on health.

    Inquiry Question – How does lack of sleep affect your physical health?

    Call to action – To get people to sleep early so their physical health doesn’t get affected..

    Names: Anyieth – Jes

    1. Before answer – We think the answer to our question is when you have late nights and you stay up all night you can sleep through the day and it’s bad for your health because in the middle of the day you should be playing a sport or exercising.

      Anyieth – Jes

  4. Our topic this term is Happy, Healthy Me.

    Please post the following as a comment under this post:

    – Topic

    – Focus Area

    – Inquiry Question
    How can we stop people from dying from drinking polluted water?

    – Call of actio
    To convince people to buy a lifesaver.

    Before answer is
    I believe that people should buy a lifesaver.

  5. – Topic
    – Focus Area
    – Inquiry Question
    How does sugar affect your body?
    – Call of action
    Encourage people to eat less sugar and sugary foods

  6. Diet!

    Sugary foods.
    why is there so many people liking sugary foods?
    To convince people to stop eating sugary foods.

    1. Exercise
      How you can get stronger when you exercise.
      how do your muscles get bigger wen we exercise?
      to show people who to exercise proply because they won’t know how to exercise.

  7. Diet
    ( milk)

    Why do people get allergic to milk?

    What happens when you get allergic to milk?
    lactose intolerant- stomach pain

    1. Water
      How can we prevent drinking water from being polluted?
      Find a way to stop pollution.

  8. -Topic


    – Focus Area


    – Inquiry Question

    How does sugar effect your health?

    – Call of action

    For people to keep their sugar down to only have 10g per day.

    -Before Answer

    Peoples bodies are getting used to eating sugary foods.

    – Important Facts

    Diets can be changed from pediatricians.

    Different foods make changes to you body in a healthy and scientific way.

    -Healthy Diet


    Wholemeal Toast
    Orange Juice


    Wholemeal Cheese Sandwich


    Pasta and Cheese

  9. exercise lack of exercise.
    How does lack of exercise effect our health?
    We are encouraging people to exercise

  10. Happiness
    How does medication help depression?
    Except medication as an option to help depression

  11. Diet.


    How can obesity affect our health?

    Trying to make people aware of obesity and how it can affect your health.

  12. Rest
    Why does lack of sleep affect your concentration at school?
    Lack of sleep makes you feel grumpy. People need concertration to learn

    1. Rest
      Why does lack of sleep affect your concentration at school?
      Lack of sleep makes you grumpy .
      We want people to have more sleep so they can learn.

  13. – Topic exercise

    – Focus Area weight loss

    – Inquiry Question how is losing weight good for you?

    – Call of action to persuade people to lose weight and exercise

  14. – Topic: Happiness

    – Focus Area: Exercise

    – Inquiry Question: how can we help people be happier in their lives?

    – Call of action: To educate people about the importance of regular exercise.

  15. Rest

    Emotional health

    How does a lack of sleep affect our mental and emotional health?

    Get more sleep to be mentally and emotionally healthy.

  16. Topic: water
    Focus area: diseases in water
    Inquiry question: How can we stop diseases in water from spreading?
    Call of action: supply water purifiers to people in poor countries.

  17. Exercise
    Focus area: Social.

    Inquiry question: How does playing team sport affect our health.
    call of action: persuade people to play sport.

  18. Information to tell customers

    1. Hello. My name is Tyson. Our inquiry question is ‘How does sugar effect our health?.’ We have being focusing on addictions.

    2. If you look at our flyers at the end when we have finished demonstrating our presentation. We have also got Information Reports. You may take one or both home with you at the end.

    3. An addiction is a condition that results when a person digests a substance. (Sugar for example) It creates pleasure but the continued act of which becomes compulsive & intefiers with ordinary life

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