A homophone is a word that sounds the same as another word, but has a different meaning and is spelt differently.

For example: there/their/they’re

All of these words sound the same but are spelt differently and have a different meaning. It is important we use the correct homophones when we are writing.

What homophones can you think of?

Today we will pick a homophone each and write the words into sentences.

For example:

  • The car is parked over there.
  • The family went and washed their car.
  • They’re going to the zoo.

You will then have a challenge of trying to put all of the homophones into one sentence.

Example: They’re hopping into their car over there.

39 thoughts on “Homophones

  1. There was a doctor and he had a look at my eye.
    I went to my friends house.
    I went to the Doctor to check out my eye.

  2. To/Too/Two


    * My sister just went to the gym.
    * My brother is just went to the gym for P.E
    * This homework is too complicated.
    * I think it is so complicated to even look at two iPads at a time.
    * Two girls are drawing in the toilets sitting on a toilet seat.

  3. Anyieth..

    I was going to the shops to buy something…
    I went by the ultimate aeroplane car…

    I was going to buy lemonade by the side of the road..

  4. I was in the kitchen cooking with the flour.

    I was out in the garden viewing the flower bed.

    Challenge: I made a cake that was like a flower and I had to use lots of flour.

  5. Deer dear
    Dear mum I have a present for you.
    There is a deer in the bush.
    Dear mr dear did you like my sandwich.

    1. Weather/whether


      * The weather is sunny with a chance of fog idiots.
      * I want to know whether you are going to the party tonight.

  6. Nanjera

    I saw four balls on the school roof.
    I have a letter for you.
    I am going to write four letters for Marley, Anyieth, Anna And Taylah.

  7. Buy/By


    * I went to the store to buy a gift for my cousin
    * By the way, my name is Tyson

  8. I was going to by a lollie with a couple of cents.
    I was sprinting and smelt a marvellous scent.
    I was going to walk to shops to buy pink lemonade with a couple of cents and it had a marvellous scent.

  9. One/won
    1. They won a car at a shop.
    2. There is one car over there.
    3. There is one car over there that they have won.

  10. Scent cent
    I have 5 cents.
    The scent of pie was all throu the house.
    I could smell the scent of pork as I held 50 cents

  11. I went to the shops to buy some food

    I went by the houses when I went for a walk.

    Challenge: I went by the stone path to buy a pet.

  12. The brake on my car wouldn’t work.

    I was about to break the delicate cup.
    I was going to break the brakes of my car because I was frustrated

  13. I went to the shops to get a to for my son.
    I had four dogs and I sold all of them.
    I went to the shops for a birthday present and I got four presents for him.

  14. The clownfish is leaving its anemone.
    It’s a bad day outside.
    I saw the army getting into its war clothes, it’s making me afraid.

  15. I won the arm wrestle with the bear.

    I was walking bare footed.

    The bear walked bare footed through the forest.

  16. I have two eyes.

    My dad and I both went in the car.

    Challenge: I had dust in my eyes when I got close to the zooming cars.

  17. I went to the shops wanted to by a toy.
    I went to the shops by the beach.
    I went to the shop by the beach and I wanted to buy a magazine.

  18. I was cooking with the flour.

    I was walking by a gathered group of flowers.

    I smelt a flower so I sneezed and it made me drop the flour.

  19. Homophones
    Bear/ Bare
    The bear is eating food in the morning.
    The boy has a bare bottom.
    The new born baby bear has a bare bottom

  20. Nanjera

    I am going to buy a new bike.
    I saw a letter and it was by nanjera.
    I am going to buy a bike and the brand was by Nike.

  21. I go for hawthorns,

    There was four players at the stadium.

    I go for hawthorns and there was 4 players there.

  22. I was at the fair.

    I had to pay for my ticket fare.

    I was at the fair so I had to pay for my ticket fare at the fair.

  23. I was going to the witches house.
    I was going to buy a apple which was yummy.
    I was going to a witches house and she gave me a cookie which was gingerbread.

  24. I’m so happy to see you.
    I’m at work today and it was not the best way too start a new day.
    It’s not two is one.

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