Independent Writing – End of term 3

For the remainder of this term we will have the chance to have some free writing sessions and use what we have learnt throughout the year to produce different pieces of writing that are engaging.

We have written four different genres:

  • Persuasive – Convince others of your opinion
  • Narrative – A story aimed to entertain others
  • Snapshot (includes 100 word challenge) – Short descriptive peice of writing aimed to entertain readers and form an image in their minds.
  • Information Report – Informs others about a specific topic

When we write we need to ensure we are engaging readers by including powerful and descriptive language such as:

  • Adjectives – Used to describe
  • Similes – Used to compare a something with something else
  • Wow words/tier 2 words/synonyms – Used to replace boring words
  • Tecnical words – Used in information reports and persuasive writing and is a word specific to a topic

We also need follow the writing process and use correct punctuation and grammar to ensure our writing makes sense.

You will choose one of the writing prompts below or choose your own prompt to unpack a seed and prepare a genre of writing. You must think about the structure of the genre you choose… Use the anchor charts and earlier writing samples to help you structure your work.

You may also choose to complete pieces of writing that you have already started throughout the year.

Persuasive Writing Prompts

Narrative/Snaphot Writing Prompts

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