Homework: Inquiry Reflection

For this week’s homework you need to explain what you learnt about your inquiry focus area for this term. Include as much detail as you can in your response. Think about what your focus area is and the answer you came up with for your inquiry question.

12 thoughts on “Homework: Inquiry Reflection

  1. I learnt that when you don’t have enough sleep you get tired.
    for example: when your tired as your driving you can have a car accident.

  2. Our question is “How does lack of sleep affect our physical health?” and these are the ways we came up with, It causes you to do bad things that is JUST enough to get you in a lot of trouble. Our focus area is (according to Jesica) people to have early nights.

  3. I learnt that lack of exercise is twice as deadly as obesity.
    lack of exercise has a chance of getting diabetes.

  4. I learnt that a life straw can carry 750 litters of water.
    I learnt that one child dies every 20 seconds.

  5. I learnt that if you have children then they need at least the maximum of 11 hours every night and the parents should get at least the maximum of 7 hours every night.

    I learnt that if you have late nights every single night then you will be very, very angry the next morning, but if you have early nights then you will be in a very, very happy.

  6. I have learnt a lot about diets and how does affect people. My focus was milk.
    Milk is good for you as it makes your bones stronger. The problem was some people were allergic to milk that gives them bumps. They can only drink soy milk which can help make them stronger.

  7. My question was: How can obesity affect our health?
    My focus area was: Obesity.
    Our call of action was: Trying to make people aware of obesity and how it can affect our health.
    I learnt that an obese person is likely to suffer from heart disease, cardiovascular disease, (which is heart disease) joint problems and mood and energy levels. I also learnt that if you want to loose weight do swimming, weight lifting, jogging, walking and cycling for an hour, but cycling will make you loose the most weight.

  8. My question was how does sugar affect our body?
    My focus area was sugar.
    My call of action was decreasing the sugar levels in people’s diet.
    I learned eating two much sugar can cause dry and cracked skin, heart disease, brain malfunctions, blood clogs that can kill you and thirst.

  9. mine and Tyler’s question was how many daily serves a day should people have
    of fruit and vegetables and why does it help us stay fit?
    and our anwser was all day and Tyler and i were giving out friut to the people who answered the quiz questions? !!! 🙂 🙂

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