Welcome to our grade’s blog for 2016.

Throughout the year we will be using our blog for a range of different activities including class work, work samples, inquiry, look to learn tasks, photos, videos and homework.

It is very important that everybody learns how to comment on the blog successfully.

To comment on the blog you need to follow the following steps:

  • View a post and press comment
  • Write a descriptive post in sentences/paragraphs
  • Very carefully read through your writing before posting.
  • Write you name and email address… mark31andrew+yourname@gmail.com
  • Press post comment

Today you will write a comment on the blog:

  • Introduce your self (name and age)
  • Write your interests outside of school
  • Write your favourite school subject/s
  • Write what you really want to learn this year
  • Add any other detail about yourself