Homework: Adjectives

Homework: AdjectivesThis week for homework you will add adjectives to a list of nouns below to describe the nouns.

Adjectives help our writing by making it more exciting and engaging.

Example: house – haunted house… Haunted is the adjective and house is the noun.

Rewrite these nouns with an adjective in front of them.

1. dog

2. slide

3. snake

4. tree

5. bike

6. road

7. boy

8. girl

9. table

10. apple

You may write your homework as a post on the blog or use a printed sheet of paper to neatly write your homework.

If you are posting on the blog remember to check your post carefully, write your name and use your email address from class. Your address will be mark31andrew+yourname@gmail.com… Example: Mackenzie’s email is mark31andrew+mackenzie@gmail.com.

9 thoughts on “Homework: Adjectives

  1. 1 .black spotty dog
    2. big gray slide
    3. green wet snake
    4. small tree
    5.pink and blue bike
    6.busy smelly road
    7.tall big boy
    8.tiny small girl
    9.shiny clean table
    10.massive red apple

  2. Fat dog big slide slimey snake small tree fast bike hard road big boy small girl broken table big apple

  3. Fuzzy cute dog. One small boy.
    A long slipery slid. One larg girl.
    A long snake. One broken table.
    A tall tree. A shiny red apple.
    A shiney new bike.
    A black long road.

  4. Small dog.Big water slide.Giant snake.Medium tree.Mountain bike.Dirt road.
    Naughty boy.Pretty girl.Pool table.Candy apple.

  5. Small dog .Big water slide, Giant snake, Medium tree, Mountain bike,Dirt road,Naughty boy, pretty girl, Pool table, Candy apple

  6. 1. big dog
    2. twisted slide
    3. slippery snake
    4. gum tree
    5. fast bike
    6. bumpy road
    7. annoying boy
    8. stinky girl
    9. dining table
    10. crunchy apple

  7. Angry dog
    Fast slide
    Long snake
    Big tree
    Slow bike
    Straight road
    Cool boy
    Weird girl
    Clean table
    Giant apple

  8. A hairy dog
    A huge slide
    A deadly snake
    A smooth tree
    A speedy bike
    A rough road
    An annoying boy
    A stinky girl
    A wobbly table
    A rotten apple

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