Look and Learn

Today we are going to complete a look and learn task based on deforestation. In our inquiry unit we have identified deforestation as a reason why some species are becoming endangered.

Carefully watch the video below and then complete the look to learn task with a partner.

Deforestation Video
Respond to these tasks in detail.

– Explain what deforestation is.

– Describe how deforestation can make some species endangered.

– Why does deforestation happen?

– What animals do you think are affected by deforestation?

Make sure you read your post very carefully before posting.

10 thoughts on “Look and Learn

  1. Deforestation is when the humans cut down the trees.
    Because we are destroying their habitat and taking away their food.
    Because they want to build more houses and buildings.
    I think Monkeys, Primates, Tigers, Birds and Jaguars.

  2. Deforestation is when human kind cuts down all of the trees.
    Deforestation is when people cut down trees for useful stuf like paper for kids
    Deforestation can makes species endangered cause some animals live in trees like birds n monkeys especially orangertang
    Deforestation can make animals endangered because it cuts down trees and the animals what live in trees die and then it would become endangered
    Deforestation happens so people have more places to live cause if there’s no more room in the city or town so they cut down trees
    Deforestation happens because they need the trees for useful stuf for people to use like us human beans.
    The animals that are affected are money’s apes orangertang sand birds
    Orangertang said birds monkeys gorillas rinoes and others
    By kaitlyn and shakayle

  3. Deforestation is chopping down trees.

    Deforestation taekes away species habitat and food.

    Deforestation happm because humans make papere and build buildings.

  4. Deforestation is cutting down trees.

    Deforestation makes some species endangered because it takes away amazing trees.

    Deforestation happens because we need thin paper.

    I think moneys and gorillas are affected by deforestation.

  5. Deforestation is were people are cutting down the trees for money and we are DESTROYING the ANIMALS habitat and save the animals because their homes are getting destroyed please save the animals and trees because they are in angered because we need trees for oxygen.
    Me and Morgan think birds,t igers,and lions are endangered.

  6. Deforestation mean that people are ruining their habatats.
    Killing animals that are in the area.
    For buildings and houses and roads city’s schools cars farms beds shops playgrounds.
    Monkeys,gorilla,pandas,birds,snakes,insent insects,Eagles,kangaroos,
    Nakiesha and Lachlan

  7. people are wrecking the animals homes by taking the trees away from the animals and they are smashing the animals homes.

    The animals will get sick and die.
    Deforestation happens because they want money. Lots of animals are endangered.
    Isis and Roan

  8. 1. Deforestation is when people cut down trees for paper wood and money,they are wrecking the habitat animals homes.

    2. Tigers Pandas Orangutans Rhinos are dying because their homes, food trees are being cut down and the animals are been killed.

    3.Deforestation happens because of people making money to build houses and building.

    4.Tigers, Pandas,Orangutans,Rhinos,Birds and insects.

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