Look and Learn: Orangutans

Today we are going to complete a look and learn task based on orang-utans. Watch the video clip very carefully and then with a partner you will complete the tasks below in as much detail as possible. Remember to read through your post before sending and ensure what you have written makes sense.


          Explain the main ideas from the video clip.

          Explain what is making the orang-utans endangered.

          Describe what may happen to orang-utans if something is not done to stop deforestation.

          Explain how orang-utans can be saved.

          Describe how this video made you feel and why it made you feel that way.


12 thoughts on “Look and Learn: Orangutans

  1. Orang-tans are endangered because people are cutting down trees.
    Orang-tans are endangered because people are changing their habitat.
    If people are no helping orang tans will become EXTINCT!!
    People should stop killing orang tans because they will get ENDANGERED.

  2. People are destroying orang-utans habitat for palm oil and to make ingredients like shampoo and resources including chocolate. If we don’t stop this we will lose our orang-utans that will not be good.

  3. Humans have impacted orangutan’s habitat by cutting down trees and planting palm oil trees.
    The orangutan’s habitat looks so beautiful. They live in a rainforest with tall trees.But now it looks like a dry place with no trees.

  4. – People are cutting down trees and it is bad for the orang-utans.
    -If deforstation continues orang-utans will soon be extincted!
    -People could organise a national park with a massive jungle.
    -I feel upset because the orang-utans homes are geting choped down.

  5. The videos main ideas are that every time you buy palm oil and vegetable oil you are endangering the orang-utans.

    by Shakayla and Mitchell

  6. The orang-utans are being killed and their habitat is being destroyed for palm oil plantations.
    Deforestation is killing the orang-utans when the people are hacking the trees down.

  7. When we were both watching the video, the orang-utans had to move to Borneo because all the trees were getting cut down to make way for palm oil trees.


  8. Orang-utans arms are two metres long. Orang-utans habitat is being destroyed and making orang-utans endangered.
    They will become Extinct because of deforestation and people chopping trees down.

  9. The orang-utans are endangered because of deforestation because people are destroyed the habitat for palm oil.
    If deforestation doesn’t stop the orang-utans would be extinct.

  10. People are cutting down the trees were the orang-utans live.
    That people are killing orang-utans and making palm oil.
    People are cutting the orang-utans habitats and are making more room to make palm oil and are killing them.
    Orang-utans will come extinct
    If we stop cutting down trees and making palm oil we can save the orang-utans.
    The video mad me feel sad because the orang-utans habitat

  11. The main idea is you should not to deforestation your ALSE your destroying animas habitat and the trees have palm oil and that what kills them.
    People are cutting down trees for palm oil and
    it is making the orangertains endangered by
    cutting down trees.
    IF IT IS NOT STOPED they will die without a habitat
    they will have no trees so they will die.
    They could be saved if deforestation stops
    They could say to the government that they should stop.
    I felt ANGRY because the habitat was getting destroyed.

  12. Orang-utans are close to extinction.
    The video was about orang-utans and their environments being destroyed by deforestation.
    Humans need to stop using palm oil to stop deforestation.
    We could write a letter to the government to try and stop deforestation.
    Humans need to know about deforestation so we can save orang-utans.
    The video made me feel sad seeing the orang-utans habitat being wasted.
    The video made me feel upset that the government is not doing anything to stop deforestation.
    I was sad because deforestation is killing the mothers and the babies are left alone.

    Deegan and Jimem

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