Inquiry Questions And Research Support – Water and The World

Our Global Classroom

GroupQuestionFocus Area
BrandonHow do water filters attract germs?

Filtered Water
Mackenzie & ArizonaHow can we filter diseases out of water?

Global Water Crisis
Tarlee, Jeremy & AngelHow do plants survive without water?

Water for life
Bailey & TysonHow do diseases get into water?

Water Pollution
Tyrone & MitchellHow much damage can an oil spill do the environment?

Water Pollution
Morgan & SharnaHow can we help China get access to clean drinking water?

Water Pollution
Makiala & IsisWhy is dirty water dangerous to drink?

Water for life
Siya & MalHow can water pollution impact on the health of humans?

Water Pollution
Goanar & DominicHow do people die from dehydration?

Water for life
Travis, Deegan & JimemHow can water be filtered?

Filtered Water

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