Homework: Wow Word of the Week

For this week’s homework you are going to write 3 interesting sentences with our ‘wow word’ of the week in each sentence.

Our word is demolished…

5 thoughts on “Homework: Wow Word of the Week

  1. I demolished my pizza at school for lunch today.
    I demolished my food at camp all day.
    I demolished my food everyday that I get given so I don’t starve.

  2. The massive building was demolished by a tornado!
    The sports car was demolished by a gigantic fire truck.
    I demolished the delicious hot dog on the way to school.

  3. The teacher demolished his lunch in a second.
    The building got demolished in by the storm.
    The TV got demolished after the big fire.

  4. A bird demolished it’s seeds after I shocked it.
    I demolished a lemitin because I was hungry.
    A tinny building got demolished after a tsunami

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