Homework: Sports Day Snapshot

For your homework this week you’ll be writing a short descriptive snapshot about an event from sports day. Remember a snapshot is a descriptive piece of writing about one moment.

To complete your homework, pick an event from sports day and write about your senses (see, feel, hear and wonder) in sentences. Try and use adjectives, emotive words, synonyms and similes.

Remember your homework can be posted on the blog or completed in your homework book. Please re-read your work once it has been completed and correct any basic mistakes.

8 thoughts on “Homework: Sports Day Snapshot

  1. I liked the 800 m run because it was fun but exhausting too.
    I heard people cheering for their house colour over and over.
    I saw people running and people jogging the two laps.
    I felt tired and extremely proud.
    I wonder who was running in the boys run and the girls run.

  2. I loved the hurdles because it was exhausting but fun I herd people cheering for their house color.

    1. Remember Cailin, a snapshot piece of writing needs to be very descriptive and should include a group of sentences that describe your senses. It was great to see you have used a powerful word in exhausting.

  3. I liked hurtles because it was fun and hard
    I herd people cheering for there house coulor
    I saw people jumping hurtles
    I felt extremly happy that I did not noke any hurtles other
    I wonder if anyone nocked the hurtles down

  4. My favourite event at sports day was the hurdles i saw hurdles in front of me and the rest of the students at the finish line, i could hear people cheering me on, i felt excited like i was in the olympics, i wondered who was going to win.

  5. I liked hurdels because we jump over really high wooden planks. I go for the best team which is Latrobe .I was bolting as fast as a cheatah can ever run at 100 m run.Triple
    Jump was super hard because I kept forgetting to hop. People from my team were cheering as loud than a lion roaring.

  6. I loved the hurdles at sports day because, I heard the people on my team cheer for me and that is what gave me confidens that i was going to win. Sadly I did not win cause I feel over one and lost the hurdles, but yellow house won the big shield.

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