Today we are going to complete a timed writing task. Our goal is to write a structured narrative that is engaging.

To do this, we will need to plan our narrative 5-10mins. We will then write our drafts, ensuring we use descriptive language and have a beginning, middle and end that is written in paragraphs. We will use the checklist to help us make sure we include everything in our narratives.

To help us use descriptive language we can do the following:

  • Use adjectives in front of nouns (example: long grass)
  • Use synonyms to replace boring words (examples: ran > bolted, big > massive, scared > petrified, looked > peered)
  • Use emotive words to explain how characters are feeling (example: Billy was exhausted)
  • Try and use a simile (The dog bolted away like a sprinting cheetah chasing its petrified prey)

Also think about your spelling by carefully sounding words out… think about how many syllables are in the word and make sure you included the correct sounds when trying to spell a word that is difficult.

Your writing prompt for today is…