Today instead of Maths Rotations we are going to work on building some strategies to solve addition problems in a variety of games.

For those in Mrs. Hammet’s and Mr. Andrew’s rotation group you are going to begin playing the following games. Make sure you use some of the strategies discussed during our learning time to help you solve the problems. – Select the total less than 6 and then move on 10 and 20.

For those of you who are in Mr. Barbour’s rotation group you will work on the following games. – Select the total less than 20 and then move onto less than 50 and total less than 20 (3 numbers) – For this game you will need to work on adding the 10s first and then the ones.

For Example:

  • 34 + 45 =
  • 3tens + 4tens + 4ones + 5ones =
  • 7tens + 9ones =
  • 79