Homework: Persuasive Writing

For this week’s homework you need to think about how to structure a convincing persuasive piece of writing.

Explain what OREO means for a persuasive piece of writing.

O =

R =

E =

O =

What are three things you can do to make your persuasive writing more convincing?






6 thoughts on “Homework: Persuasive Writing

  1. 1: you can put emotive words in persuasive writing.
    2: have a question
    3: have at-least 4-5 paragraphs

  2. O= opinion
    R= reason
    E= evidence
    O= opinion restated
    1 use adjectives and synonyms.
    2 start with an interneting hookin.
    3 have at- least 4-5 paragraphs.

  3. O = Opinion

    R = Reason

    E = Evidence

    O = Opinion restated

    1. use adjectives and synonyms.

    2. start with an interesting hook in.

    3. have at least 4\5 paragraphs.

  4. O=opinion
    O= opinion restated
    1.synonyms and adjectives
    2. interesting hook in
    3.have about 4/5 paragraphs

    4.call to action

  5. O= opinion
    R= reasons
    E= evidence
    O= opinion restated

    1. By using adjectives and synonyms.
    2. Writing 4/5 paragraphs.
    3. By having an interesting hook in at the start so it makes people want to keep reading.

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