Homework: Powerful Questions

This week we have focused our reading on asking powerful questions about a non-fiction text. Below is a piece of writing from ‘Endangered: Close Up’. Read the text and for your homework you will need to ask a powerful questions and write an answer that answers your question. Remember you will need to think hard to come up with an answer.


4 thoughts on “Homework: Powerful Questions

  1. Why are people destroying the forest that pandas live in?
    I think that the people who are destroying pandas home is because they won’t to make stuff and they don’t care about the poor pandas.🐼😢

  2. Why do pandas mainly eat bamboo?

    They mostly eat bamboo because it is part of there diet!

    HOMEWORK FINISHED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. 1. Why do giant pandas only live in china?
    Because china has nice cool wet bamboo forests that are perfect for giant pandas needs.

    2. Why do giant pandas only eat bamboo?
    Because a pands diet is almost only of the stems, leaves and roots of different bamboo.

    3. Why are people cutting down the trees?
    People are using the bamboo to make things like chopsticks.

    4. Why are there only 2000 giant pandas left?
    Because people are cutting down the rainforests which leaves them without food and a home.

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