Inquiry – Call To Action Planning

Last week every group planned a way in which they were going to present their call of action…

Some groups are making a poster, PowerPoint, model, performance, a design for a special room, etc.

You and your partner must know what you are doing/making for your call of action.

Today you are going to plan your design. In your Inquiry Journal books you will need to complete the following:

  • Heading > My Call To Action Plan
  • Write your call to action
  • Write what you are designing (ie: poster, etc)
  • Draw, label and describe in detail what is going to be on your design. Your plan should show exactly what it will look like. It will have labels and must support your call to action.
  • A list of materials that you will need to complete your design.
  • If your design is not clear enough, you will need to re-design it. So take your time, do not rush and plan it properly.

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