3D Shapes

Today you are going to revise 3D shapes. You all should know that a 3D shape has three dimensions (length, width and height). We have also learnt that most 3D shapes have three properties (vertices, faces and edges).

Watch the video below to help revise your knowledge of 3D shapes. You will then complete some tasks based on 3D shapes.

One thought on “3D Shapes

  1. Question 1:
    -Triangular prism.
    -Triangular-based pyramid.
    Question 2:
    – two triangles and three rectangles.
    -two squares and four rectangles.
    -four triangles.
    Question 3:
    -six vertices, nine edges and four faces.
    -eight vertices, twelve edges and six faces.
    – four vertices, six edges and four faces.

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