Below are three examples of 100 Word Challenges written for the topic… SUDDENLY I HEARD A CRACK…

Read the three pieces and think about what a 100 Word Challenge piece of writing needs to be successful.

On a mysteriously, miserable foggy morning, when there was absolutely no bright and gleaming sunlight, I was lonely, while anxiously walking on the brittle, thin ice.
The smooth and gentle breeze brushed past my ears. Suddenly I heard a crack… It was as powerful as a wide and massive thunderbolt.
My frightened body suddenly splashed into freezing, blue water. The cold water sent chills up my spine. I furiously swam as powerful as only an Olympic swimmer can. I feel joyful as I swim closer to safety. Suddenly, I start to drown. I’m devastated!

By Jay

The Storm

In the blustery rainy evening, while I was happily playing inside, a terrible storm had just reached its peak with devastating gales and gigantic hailstones the size of baseballs. Ice covered the windows and the streets. Even if you wiped the window, all you could see is rain and the distant faint light of street lamps. The noise outside made by the rain was raucous. It sounded like a crazy packed crowd at an extremely close football match. Suddenly I heard a crack. I start to shiver uncontrollably and I turn pale with fear as I realise, the old massive humongous tree leaning towards our house was crashing down.

Author: Logan 5/6 A

The earthquake that led to doom!

In the morning, when the birds sang a warbling tune, the rumble of the ground shook us like a billion fans seeing a celebrity. The ground rumbled like a jet leaving the airport, but as I rushed to get my mum, we suddenly heard a crack. The crack sounded like an ear splitting earthquake so I was more determined to get help. The ground started to open up on us. As I looked into the opening of the crater I couldn’t believe my eyes! I was living on the ground but I noticed that under all the layers of ground was hot, steaming lava. The lava was so hot that it felt like you were in a giant microwave which was set on forever…

By Brittney 5/6A