Volume and Capacity – Magic Potion

Today 3/4A you will complete the capacity task that 3/4J shared at assembly. You will pretend to be Witches and Wizards and will invent a magic potion. You have strict instructions from the head witch (aka Mrs Smythe), that your potion can only be 600 millilitres. You must think of 6 different ingredients to put into your potion. Unfortunately, if one of those ingredients is 100 millilitres the potion will explode. If you use more than 6 ingredients or if your ingredients don’t add to 600 millilitres the potion will also explode.


  • The potion you create will need to be 600 millilitres. If it is under or over 600 millilitres it will explode!
  • You can use 6 ingredients in your potion. ONLY 6! Some ingredients you might use? Examples: blood, unicorn hair, frog’s skins, toe nails etc…
  • How many millilitres might each ingredient be if your potion is to be 600 millilitres?
  • You are not to have any ingredient equaling 100 millilitres. If they do your potion will not work and will explode.
  • Challenge yourself to think of other numbers you could use to reach 600.
  • You will brainstorm a way to get to 600 millilitres. Check your answer with Mrs Smythe.
  • You will then be given the measuring jug activity, where you are required to…
      • Give your potion a name, write each ingredient down the bottom and write how many millilitres each one is.
      • You will then put each ingredient into your jug and then you will colour it in.
  • Upon completion you can write a recipe for your potion. You must will list ingredients, method, what happens when the potion is taken and how it can be reversed.


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