Information Reports – Biographies

This week we are going to start looking at information reports for writing. An information report is a nonfiction text, meaning it must include true facts and information.

Like other pieces of writing, an information report is a structured piece of writing that must have correct punctuation.

The structure of an information report is as follows:

  • Introduction – Definition of the topic. What/who is it?
  • Description – Include the most important facts and information, written in proper sentences. This section may use sub-headings.
  • Conclusion – A summary of the topic or comment that has not been previously mentioned in the text.

We are going to begin by writing a biography (an information report about another person). A biographies are going to be based on famous sports people (past or present).


When we are writing a biography, we need to find information before writing our draft. We will have to try and find information on the following:

Who are they? (Where are they from? DOB? Why are they famous?)

Before becoming famous

Occupation/Career (What do they do? Why are they so good? What is their role?)

Achievements (What have they achieved/won)

Other important information


Some ideas for people to choose from include the following:

Usain Bolt

Michael Jordon

Cathy Freeman

Ben Simmons

Steve Smith

Sally Peason

Daniel Ricardo

Tim Cahill

Cate Campbell

Stephanie Gilmore

Gary Ablett

Anna Meares

Mick Fanning

Laura Geitz

Kurt Fearnley

Lance Franklin

Damien Oliver

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