100 Word Challenge: The Avocado of Doom

The Avocado of Doom!

By Reen

It was a steaming day in the Savannah. A massive elephant was trudging along the long dried grass. The elephant was walking for hours, searching for something to devour. At last, he came upon a shimmering purple avocado. He was so hungry, he didn’t even take off the sparkling skin. The elephant bit the seed and it was as hard as five bones.

The world started to spin and the sand lifted off the ground and surrounded the petrified elephant who closed his gigantic eyes. The next thing he knew, he was as tiny as a pencil! He had turned into a seahorse!

One thought on “100 Word Challenge: The Avocado of Doom

  1. Reen this is super writing, and lots of fun to read. Your description of a ‘shimmering’ avocado just add that little bit extra to how the avocado is going to look. Throughout your piece you have used interesting vocabulary = keep this up as it certainly makes your writing a joy to read. The words this week were selected by Amber from my class. We are at a school in the South Island of New Zealand. How about going to our blog at http://rakau19.edublogs.org/ and getting your friends to do the same. We can trade comments!

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