100 Word Challenge: Seahorses Eating Purple Avocados

Seahorses Eating Purple Avocados

I wake up on an odd day, and hear a noise. I feel deep down in my bones something isn’t right. I stumble down the stairs and make my way to the kitchen, where I had heard the noise. When I see the source of the noise, I’m weirded out and I think about how on earth they got there.

I stare at the elephant sized seahorses eating my purple avocado. Though, what really weirds me out even more is the fact that they are all just sharing one avocado. I ignore them and go to check off my calendar for today. When I look at the date, it is April 1st… April Fool’s Day.

By Brooke

100 Word Challenge: The Avocado of Doom

The Avocado of Doom!

By Reen

It was a steaming day in the Savannah. A massive elephant was trudging along the long dried grass. The elephant was walking for hours, searching for something to devour. At last, he came upon a shimmering purple avocado. He was so hungry, he didn’t even take off the sparkling skin. The elephant bit the seed and it was as hard as five bones.

The world started to spin and the sand lifted off the ground and surrounded the petrified elephant who closed his gigantic eyes. The next thing he knew, he was as tiny as a pencil! He had turned into a seahorse!

100WC Writing

Today for writing, we are going to continue to work on developing our descriptive language when writing 100 Word Challenges.

You must make sure you are following the writing process and working on one of the following drafts:

  • Tsunami 100WC
  • Massive Dive 100WC
  • Hot-Dog Competition 100WC

If you have completed all of these drafts and they have been properly proof read, have them checked by an adult. You will then work on the following challenge.

Prepare a seed based on the following topic… Your writing must also contain as many of our wow words that you can possibly use > the words are on the word wall.


Your writing must contain:

  • Description of the senses.
  • Adjectives
  • Synonyms
  • Similes
  • Emotive words
  • Correct sentence structure > sentences that begin with capital letters and do not all begin with I.

100 Word Challenge – Hot Dog Competition

Today you will unpack a senses seed to prepare for a 100 word challenge piece of writing based on a hot-dog eating competition. Your seed will included what you can see, feel, hear and wonder. You may like to complete your piece of writing as a narrator, from a competitors perspective or from an audience members perspective.

Remember to include lots of adjectives, emotive words, synonyms and similes to make your writing engaging to read.

Modelled Writing… 100 Word Challenge

Below is a piece of writing (100 WC) based on the image from the Red Bull Diving Competition. Think about the adjectives, emotive words, similes and sensory language that has been used.

The Massive Dive

My pounding heart was almost pumping out of my terrified chest. Below me are hundreds of cheering and excited spectators, who like a bunch of scattered ants. As I nervously look down, the blazing sun is shining on the glistening blue water and I stare at my target… a pool, which looks like a small bathtub from high above.

Worried and trembling like a crazy washing machine, I prepare to launch myself off the elevated platform, which seems like thousands of meters above earth. I wonder if I will survive my massive dive…

100 Word Challenge – Writing Prompt

Today we are going to begin the writing process for a 100 Word Challenge. Your task we be to complete the most descriptive piece of writing you can in 100 words based on the writing prompt below.

David Colturi - Action

You must:

  • Unpack a senses seed (feels, looks, hears & wonderings)
  • Write a draft (written in sentences, use adjectives, senses, synonyms, emotive words and synonyms).
  • Proofread and revise your work.

100 Word Challenge Examples

Below are three examples of 100 Word Challenges written for the topic… SUDDENLY I HEARD A CRACK…

Read the three pieces and think about what a 100 Word Challenge piece of writing needs to be successful.

On a mysteriously, miserable foggy morning, when there was absolutely no bright and gleaming sunlight, I was lonely, while anxiously walking on the brittle, thin ice.
The smooth and gentle breeze brushed past my ears. Suddenly I heard a crack… It was as powerful as a wide and massive thunderbolt.
My frightened body suddenly splashed into freezing, blue water. The cold water sent chills up my spine. I furiously swam as powerful as only an Olympic swimmer can. I feel joyful as I swim closer to safety. Suddenly, I start to drown. I’m devastated!

By Jay

The Storm

In the blustery rainy evening, while I was happily playing inside, a terrible storm had just reached its peak with devastating gales and gigantic hailstones the size of baseballs. Ice covered the windows and the streets. Even if you wiped the window, all you could see is rain and the distant faint light of street lamps. The noise outside made by the rain was raucous. It sounded like a crazy packed crowd at an extremely close football match. Suddenly I heard a crack. I start to shiver uncontrollably and I turn pale with fear as I realise, the old massive humongous tree leaning towards our house was crashing down.

Author: Logan 5/6 A

The earthquake that led to doom!

In the morning, when the birds sang a warbling tune, the rumble of the ground shook us like a billion fans seeing a celebrity. The ground rumbled like a jet leaving the airport, but as I rushed to get my mum, we suddenly heard a crack. The crack sounded like an ear splitting earthquake so I was more determined to get help. The ground started to open up on us. As I looked into the opening of the crater I couldn’t believe my eyes! I was living on the ground but I noticed that under all the layers of ground was hot, steaming lava. The lava was so hot that it felt like you were in a giant microwave which was set on forever…

By Brittney 5/6A

Rebus Story – Christmas 100WC

A rebus story is a story that includes words and pictures. Look at the example below.

Today you are going to complete a Christmas 100 Word Challenge > rebus style. You will still need to use lots of powerful language such as adjectives, similes, emotive words, synonyms and tier two words. However, you will replace some of your words with a picture/image.

Your prompt is going to be…

On a ___________ Christmas Eve,

You must follow the writing process.


For those students in 5/6A who need an extra writing challenge, below is a new 100 Word Challenge. You will need to make this piece of writing your most descriptive piece of the year. Use lots of adjectives, snapshots, emotive words, synonyms, complex sentences and tier two words.

This week we have a photograph for the prompt. It was taken by Pam O’Brien on Inis Oirr on the Aran Islands off the west coast of Ireland.

Really be as creative as you can and try to use all 100 words.

Homework Week 8 – 100 Word Challenge

For homework this week you will need to write a descriptive 100 word challenge.

The prompt is:

… as it shivered, they…

Think about what shivered… and who are they?

You need to think carefully about this prompt and write it in the right person and tense! Ensure your writing is very descriptive and use lots of adjectives, synonyms, tier 2 words, emotive words, similes and maybe a complex sentence.

100 Word Challenge 14/10/2014

This week you will follow the writing process to complete a 100 word challenge.

The prompt this week is:

…as I looked around…

Make sure you use the prompt as it is written. Take care to make sure it is your best work with lots of creative vocabulary. Use powerful language such as:

  • Synonyms
  • Adjectives
  • Complex sentences
  • Emotive language
  • Tier 2 words
  • Snaphots > senses

Always read through your writing so that it says what you want it to. You have 104 words altogether so make sure you use them!