Rebus Story – Christmas 100WC

A rebus story is a story that includes words and pictures. Look at the example below.

Today you are going to complete a Christmas 100 Word Challenge > rebus style. You will still need to use lots of powerful language such as adjectives, similes, emotive words, synonyms and tier two words. However, you will replace some of your words with a picture/image.

Your prompt is going to be…

On a ___________ Christmas Eve,

You must follow the writing process.


For those students in 5/6A who need an extra writing challenge, below is a new 100 Word Challenge. You will need to make this piece of writing your most descriptive piece of the year. Use lots of adjectives, snapshots, emotive words, synonyms, complex sentences and tier two words.

This week we have a photograph for the prompt. It was taken by Pam O’Brien on Inis Oirr on the Aran Islands off the west coast of Ireland.

Really be as creative as you can and try to use all 100 words.

Homework Week 8 – 100 Word Challenge

For homework this week you will need to write a descriptive 100 word challenge.

The prompt is:

… as it shivered, they…

Think about what shivered… and who are they?

You need to think carefully about this prompt and write it in the right person and tense! Ensure your writing is very descriptive and use lots of adjectives, synonyms, tier 2 words, emotive words, similes and maybe a complex sentence.

100 Word Challenge 14/10/2014

This week you will follow the writing process to complete a 100 word challenge.

The prompt this week is:

…as I looked around…

Make sure you use the prompt as it is written. Take care to make sure it is your best work with lots of creative vocabulary. Use powerful language such as:

  • Synonyms
  • Adjectives
  • Complex sentences
  • Emotive language
  • Tier 2 words
  • Snaphots > senses

Always read through your writing so that it says what you want it to. You have 104 words altogether so make sure you use them!


100 Word Challenge

This week you will have the opportunity to work on your independent writing pieces. Everybody must have completed the four 100 word challenges that we have worked on this term. They are:

  • The hot dog eating contest
  • …finally we can make a start…
  • …but where could I go…
  • …but it is yellow…

Your 100 word challenges must be be descriptive and should include the following:

  • A complex sentence
  • similes
  • snapshots
  • emotive words
  • adjectives & adverbs
  • synonyms

Once you have completed your 100 word challenges they need to be checked by an adult, posted to the blog (on the correct post) and printed out for your writers’ gift folder.

If all four of your 100 word challenges have been completed, you may choose to work on your own independent writing (your own topic & genre) or complete this week’s 100 word challenge. The link to the 100 word challenge is below.

Please ensure you are following the writing process, structure your writing properly and include powerful language.

Chelsea’s 100 Word Challenge – …but it is yellow…

During the windy, wet and cold morning, as heavy rain falls, I sit in my chair thinking of something to do. I watch two raindrops race down the window wondering which one will win. All of a sudden the earth starts to shimmer, Mr Andrew and all my friends begin to pass out. Miss Hoskin screams and tries to wake everybody up, but its no use as we quickly fall to the hard ground I see my grey chair, but it is yellow, everything is yellow.