Biography Examples

A biography is an information report based on a person. This week you will begin a biography by working through the writing process. Everyone will choose a famous Australian to unpack a seed. When unpacking a seed think of the following:

– Who is the person?
– History (early life)
– Occupation (what they do and their strengths)
– Achievements
– Future (what the person might want to achieve in the future) or death (when & how they died and what they will be remembered for).

Below are two examples of biographies that were written in 5/6A last year. Read them and look at their structure.

KATY PERRY biography example

Ned Kelly biography example

Science – Blowing up a balloon with vinegar and bi-carb soda

5/6A conducted an experiment using a bottle, balloon, vinegar and bi-carb soda. We poured vinegar into a bottle, and then filled a balloon with bi-carb soda. We put the balloon over the tip of the bottle and let the bi-carb soda fall into the vinegar. We then watched as a chemical reaction took place between the vinegar and bi-carb soda. The reaction caused a build up of carbon dioxide, which moved up and travelled into the balloon… blowing it up.

We found out that the more vinegar in the bottle, the bigger the reaction.

Below are some images of the experiment and some of the students’ science reports.

Unpacking Seeds

During the first four weeks of school in 2014, our grade has worked hard on unpacking seeds in writers’ notebooks. We have discovered that unpacking seeds is part of the writing process, encourages us to extend our thinking and prepares us for the amazing drafts that we will be writing throughout the year.

Below are some samples of the seeds that the students have unpacked so far.

Writers’ Gift

We are quickly coming towards the end of the year, which means we need to start preparing our writers’ gift.

Inside your writers’ gift you will need to include:

– At least 20 structured and engaging pieces of published writing.

– A minimum of 3 published reading responses, which will include the title, author and SL1S.

– 2 published science reports.

– Published maths investigations such as the measuring water investigation.

– Quality blog comments such as the look and learns we have completed this year (ensure you include a heading, read through your work so it is understandable and you may include a picture from the blog).

Every student will also need to post their best two pieces of writing for the year under this post. Think carefully about what makes a good piece of writing (structured genres, descriptive language, engages readers).

Science Experiment – Mixing water and oil

Earlier this term, 5/6A completed a science experiment. We attempted to mix water and oil together in some glass jars. We used blue food dye to ensure we could easily determine the difference between the water and oil.

We found that the water and oil do not mix together. The oil came to the top and formed a layer above the water.

After completing some research, the students discovered the water and oil do not mix because they are made up by different molecules that cannot mix with each other, which forces the oil to sit on top of the water.