When we work on Inquiry tasks it requires lots of research. Today we are going to use the links below to research information about Australia. When researching from the Internet we need to read information carefully and record the information that we think is important.

We will learn important features about Australia such as:

  • States
  • Capital cities
  • Landmarks
  • Australian & Aboriginal flag

Use these links to complete your Australian Research Inquiry tasks.

Should we change the Australian Flag?

The Australian Flag is a symbol for Australia… But does it recognise all Australians?

Some people want to replace the Australian Flag.

Below are is Australian Flag and the Aboriginal Flag.

Do you think the flag should be replaced?

Write a blog comment with a partner, stating your opinion whether the flag should be replaced or whether it should stay the same.

The Australian Flag

Today we are going to unpack a seed on the Australian Flag. The Australian Flag is a symbol for our country and every country has their own flag. There are also many other types of flags around the world that represent communities, groups of people, clubs, etc.

The Australian Flag was designed in 1901 and is blue, red and white. The flag has three symbols on it: The Union Jack, the Southern Cross and the Commonwealth/Federation Star.


After watching the video, unpack a seed on the Australian Flag. What is the Union Jack? What is the Southern Cross? What is the Commonwealth/Federation Star?

Many people believe the Australian Flag should be changed because it is out-dated and does not represent all Australians. Do you think the flag should be replaced?

Australian Geography

Below is a map of Australia. It is a blank map with no labels on it.

Your task is to use the link below (click on the link and it will take you to another internet page) to research all of the states/territories and capital cities in Australia.

You will then find the states and cities before writing a comment for this post of all the states/territories and their capital cities.

Example: Purple = Victoria, Melbourne. (Use the colours on the map to separate the states)

If you are able to complete that task, use the link below to research 5 Australian landmarks (and their state) and use Google to research 5 famous Australians. You will complete this task in a separate comment. For this task please try and use some sentences.

Inquiry Unit – Bushrangers/Week 3

Bushranging – living off the land and being supported by or stealing from free settlers – was either chosen as a preferred way of life by escaped convicts or was a result of the lack of supplies in the early settlements. Australia’s bushranging period spanned nearly 100 years, from the first convict bushrangers active from 1790 to the 1860s, through the outlawed bushrangers of the 1860s and 1870s who were able to be shot on sight, to the shooting of the Kelly Gang in 1880.

While many bushrangers had populist reputations for being ‘Robin Hood’ figures; some bushrangers were brutal and others harassed the gold escorts and diggers returning from the goldfields. The popularity of bushrangers and their ethos of ‘fight before surrender’ was commemorated in bush songs and folklore.

You will need to ensure you work very hard and focus on achieving the tasks that are below.

Today you will work on your timeline, mind-map/seed, begin drafting your historical fiction piece of writing and reflect on your new learning about Australian bushrangers.


All groups started their timeline last week (some groups have finished). Remember we used Microsoft Word to make our timeline and we should have some pictures on our timelines to add to the presentation. Use the information that was written down in your books and ensure all of your events are in order. You may print a coloured copy of you’ve included pics.


Both group members will need to do their own mind-map. However you will need to research together and share ideas with each other. Use a A3 piece of paper for your draft mind-map.

Your mind-map/seed will based on your inquiry question and should include the following information:

  • What was a bushranger?
  • Why did bushrangers exist?
  • What type of crimes did bushrangers commit?
  • How did bushrangers affect Australia?
  • What were the punishments for being a bushranger?
  • Who were the most popular bushrangers?

Below are some links that may assist you in finding some information on bushrangers for your mind-map/seed.


A historical fiction piece of writing is a narrative story that is based on real life events. Today you begin to draft a historical fiction piece of writing, which may require you to research further into bushrangers.

Your piece of writing must be written with lots of powerful language, reflect the era of bushrangers and will be written from a bushrangers perspective like an open-minded portrait. Your piece of writing may end with some suspense and does not need to have a specific ending.

You may base your writing on an event listed below, or you could find your own historical event involving a bushranger to base your writing on.

  • The Kelly Gang > Stringy Bark Creek Murders
  • The Kelly Gang > Glenrowan shootout
  • A bushranger on the goldfields
  • A bushranger on the run


On the post you need to leave a comment before you get your lunch. Your comment must include the following:

  • Two things you have learnt about bushrangers today.
  • What is your goal for next week?

Look & Learn: The First Fleet

Today we are going to complete  a look and learn based on the First Fleet. We will also read a part of The First Fleet by John Nicholson to help you with your understanding.

Look at the images and complete a descriptive look and learn by trying to extend your thinking about the topic.

– Explain what life was like in England prior to the First Fleet.

– Describe what the conditions were like on the First Fleet.

– Explain what life would’ve have been like for the convicts when they arrived to Australia.

– Explain how the indigenous people would’ve have felt when their land was invaded by the First Fleet.

Australian History Timeline

A timeline is a visual representation of important historical events throughout time. Below is an example of timeline based on China’s history.

Today you will begin to research major events throughout Australia’s history (prior to the First Fleet through to Federation). You will use your research to design your own Australian timeline. Included in the timeline should be the first Australians, major European explorations of Australia, The First Fleet, Continued transportation, Port Arthur, Gold Rush, Eureka Stockade, Bushrangers and Federation. A sentence describing each event will be required.

Everyone will need to do a draft timeline before using Microsoft Word to present the timeline.

Look & Learn – Australia’s Biggest Burger

THERE’S a bunfight on in Cavendish, a beef so big you can’t get your head around it.

For three years, the one local shop has been daring all comers to open their big mouths.

And every person who tried has walked out beaten.

They have bitten off more than they, or anyone else, can chew.

In 2006 the Cavendish Cafe at the general store wanted a gimmick, something that would stop traffic.

They came up with Australia’s biggest hamburger, a 4kg meaty megalith that does stop traffic and could probably stop a motorbike cold if you sat it on the road.

Owners Roz and Rodney Duffin issued a challenge that anyone who could eat it in an hour would get their $38.90 back. Nobody has come remotely close.

“It’s just a hamburger with the lot,” Roz says, but that’s like calling the Sahara a sandpit. The burger is Australia’s biggest, the cafe’s standard one-with-the-lot alarmingly upsized.

Blokes full of bravado drive the three hours west from Melbourne. Blokes full of beef and bacon drive home, stuffed, with half a burger in a doggie bag.

Tourists change their itineraries to tackle it.

Its fame has reached as far as Germany.

“The whole burger weighs four kilos and the meat pattie itself weighs a kilo and a half, which is the equivalent of 17 of our regular patties,” Mrs Duffin says.

“The buns are specially made in Warrnambool. They are spectacular.”

Nutritionist Matt O’Neill from Metabolic Jumpstart said Australia’s biggest burger was the equivalent of three days worth of energy for the average person – almost 23,000 kilojoules.

The cafe’s sign promises “Fast Food” but the big burger is anything but.

Cooking a pattie that big is a cow of a job. It takes 20 minutes, and a pizza shovel to flip it.

Eating one is a bigger production. A construction crew from Melbourne split one 10 ways for smoko yesterday, and still didn’t get it down.

“You need overalls to eat it,” one bloke warned.

Kane Parish, 19, a builder from Horsham, sank his teeth into one around lunchtime.

“Not a chance,” he said, surrendering after a quarter.

Nobody has ever got far past half.

“I don’t think we’ve ever brought one out where people haven’t said ‘Oh My God!’,” Mrs Duffin says.

“I’ve seen grown men look like they’re going to cry when they couldn’t finish it.

“I’ve had a couple that were just so disappointed. His mate just sat there eating a normal hamburger with the lot, laughing at him.

“He was so disappointed. He took it personally.”

The burger is lovingly made, tasty, not greasy, and some locals buy one to take home and feed the family.

– Describe why a restaurant would make a burger so big.

– Explain why people would try and eat this burger.

– Choose one of the following situations and complete a snapshot piece of writing.

  • You see the burger for the first time as a waiter brings it towards you. What are you thinking, seeing, smelling, hearing and feeling? Be descriptive.
  • You are more than half way through the burger and starting to feel extremely full. What are you thinking, seeing, smelling, hearing and feeling? Be descriptive.

Should we replace the Australian Flag?

The Australian Flag creates a lot of debate because many people believe the Australian Flag is out-dated and should be replaced with a new flag that better represents our country.

Below is a video that shows some famous Australia’s wanting a new flag and other Australians wanting the flag to stay the same.

– Do you think Australia’s flag should be replaced? Explain your reasons.

– Look at the two bottom flags. Which one would you prefer to be used as the Australian flag if it was replaced? Explain why.