Victorian Bushfires

Yesterday bushfires erupted in the Latrobe Valley, which threatened communities and had the area covered in thick smoke. Today you are going to use the images and news article below, as well as your own experience of what you could see, hear, feel and smell to unpack a detailed seed in your writers’ notebook.



At least 10 homes have been destroyed.

Thousands of hectares of bushland across the state and in the suburbs of Melbourne have also burned.

Almost 80 fires were burning.

Houses also went up at Morwell in the Latrobe Valley.

Explosions were heard near the Hazelwood power plant.

HOUSES have been lost as fires threaten several townships and burn near power stations and plantations in Victoria’s Latrobe Valley.

Fire has moved to the edge of the western urban area of Morwell, into plantation areas and impacting on two open cut coalmines.

Some homes about half a kilometre out of Morwell have been lost, incident controller Laurie Jeremiah said.

“We have had some houses burnt. We are yet to confirm occupants, but we have been giving the emergency warnings for a number of hours now, so we hope those people took the appropriate action,’’ Mr Jeremiah said.

Emergency warnings are in place for several Latrobe Valley townships including Morwell, Driffield, Hazelwood, Glengarry West, Morwell North, Tyers and Yallourn North.

Authorities say there is a blaze in the Hazelwood open cut coalmine and fire is also around the Yallourn open cut mine.

Fire authorities were also concerned about the 1600-megawatt Hazelwood Power Station.

Homework week 3 / SQ3R – BLACK SATURDAY

For this weeks homework you will complete an SQ3R on the text below.

Remember in an SQ3R you need to do the following:

– Survey the text > Pick out key words and ideas by scanning the text.

– Ask questions > Ask questions by using your key words and ideas.

– Read the text > Read the text and write down the main ideas/important parts of the text.

– Recite > Answer your questions with some some evidence. You may need to infer some of your answers.

Review > Write a summary about the text in your own words. Include your own opinion and inferences about the text with evidence to why you thought that.

Write your SQ3R as a blog comment or it can be hand written on a piece of paper and pasted into your reading response book.