Your poster must have the following headings/information…

  • Title/Question > How can poaching/introduced species/deforestation/diseases be stopped?
  • Definition: Explain what your focus area is…
  • Your endangered animal: Facts about your animal (What is it? Appearance, Habitat, Diet, Important Facts)
  • Impact that the focus area has on the animal: Explain how poaching/introduced species/deforestation/diseases impact your endangered animal.
  • Call to action: Clear and easy to read statement, telling people how it can be stopped. Explain your focus area.

Your poster needs to be easily read and look great… To do this you should do the following…

  • Clear and neat writing.
  • Colour that is related to your topic
  • Images related to your topic.
  • Horizontal writing
  • Bold headings
  • Correct punctuation
  • Possible border

INQUIRY – Endangered Species: DISEASES

Diseases are another reason why some species are endangered.

A disease is an illness, sickness or ailment that affects a living thing.



Look and Learn Task: Thailand Tiger Temple

Tiger temples in Thailand are very popular attractions for tourists, who are able to pay money to have close encounters with tigers.

Last week, authorities raided a Tiger Temple in the capital city of Thailand and what they discovered was shocking.

Together we will read the following article about the discovery in the Tiger Temple.

The picture above shows part of the terrible discovery at the Thailand Tiger Temple

Many people pay money to see tigers close up. The tigers in the Tiger Temples are not treated well. Many are drugged and their enclosures are nothing like their natural habitat.

For your look and learn task today you will respond to the following tasks in as much detail as possible.

  • Describe what was discovered in the Thailand Tiger Temple.
  • After reading the text, describe how you feel about the Tiger Temple in Thailand.
  • Explain why you think the Tiger Temple have killed tigers and tiger cubs.
  • Explain how you think the public can stop the poaching and illegal trading of tiger parts.

Look and Learn: Orangutans

Today we are going to complete a look and learn task based on orang-utans. Watch the video clip very carefully and then with a partner you will complete the tasks below in as much detail as possible. Remember to read through your post before sending and ensure what you have written makes sense.

          Explain the main ideas from the video clip.

          Explain what is making the orang-utans endangered.

          Describe what may happen to orang-utans if something is not done to stop deforestation.

          Explain how orang-utans can be saved.

          Describe how this video made you feel and why it made you feel that way.


Completing an OWI from a text.

This week we have used pictures to complete OWIs. The purpose of an OWI is to be able to determine importpart parts of a text and use our inferring skills to gain a greater understanding of what we have read.

Today we are going to complete an OWI on a written text. We are using a page from Endangered Close Up, written by Laura Hendry.

– We will read the text about tigers and make a key observation by determining an important fact.

– We will then ask a thick question about the key observation.

– An inference will then be made to answer the question and evidence will be included to support our inference.

Fisheries Victoria Visit

Today, we were lucky enough to have a visit from the Victorian Fisheries and Wildlife. Three presenters talked to the students about the environment, legal fish sizes and species that live in our local native water areas. The students also learnt how we can preserve and protect our local environment and look after species that live near river banks.

Here are some questions that you can answer in sentences.

What did you learn from the presentation today?

What did you enjoy about the presentation?

How can we protect the local environment and the animals that live in or close to rivers?