Completing an OWI from a text.

This week we have used pictures to complete OWIs. The purpose of an OWI is to be able to determine importpart parts of a text and use our inferring skills to gain a greater understanding of what we have read.

Today we are going to complete an OWI on a written text. We are using a page from Endangered Close Up, written by Laura Hendry.

– We will read the text about tigers and make a key observation by determining an important fact.

– We will then ask a thick question about the key observation.

– An inference will then be made to answer the question and evidence will be included to support our inference.

Fisheries Victoria Visit

Today, we were lucky enough to have a visit from the Victorian Fisheries and Wildlife. Three presenters talked to the students about the environment, legal fish sizes and species that live in our local native water areas. The students also learnt how we can preserve and protect our local environment and look after species that live near river banks.

Here are some questions that you can answer in sentences.

What did you learn from the presentation today?

What did you enjoy about the presentation?

How can we protect the local environment and the animals that live in or close to rivers?

Saving the Orang-utans – Homework week 4

Here is another link to a video based on saving an endangered animal. The orang-utan is critically endangered because of poaching and deforestation. Watch the video and then use the focus questions below to post a comment. You may write your comment by hand if you do not have access to the internet at home.

– explain how humans have caused the endangerment of orang-utans.
– describe the natural habitat of an orang-utan before and after deforestation.
– why should poaching and deforestation be banned?

Your responses should be in paragraphs and you will need a heading. The best ones will be published for your writers gift.

Protecting Elephants

After we have completed some persuasive pieces of writing about animals in captivity and reading an article on tiger farms, I have found this clip from 60 minutes about a lady who is trying to protect elephants from poachers in Africa. We will be completing some tasks on this video on Monday afternoon, so if you are in 5/6A please do not comment yet.

– Explain what the lady has done to protect the elephants.

– Do you think it is fair that the elephants are poached? Why/Why not?

– What else can be done to save elephants from poachers?

You may be able to use this video to help you unpack a seed on this topic. You will then be able to complete a persuasive piece on protecting endangered animals or an information report on elephants.