Film Study Preview: Coco

This year the Middle Unit’s Film Study is going to based on the film Coco. When we watch Coco, we will be using the comprehension strategies we’ve learnt during reading to analyse and understand the film.

Today we are going to watch the preview of Coco. When we watch the preview you will need to think about the following:

  • From the film trailer, what do you think the film is about?
  • How does the trailer try to persuade people to watch the film?

Character Study from the Phar Lap Movie

– Select a character from the movie.

– Track your thinking about the character – inferences about the characters feelings and thoughts, questions, how the character changes throughout the movie, connections, what is the characters role within the movie…

– Be prepared to complete open minded portrait response and a synthesising wheel explaining how and why the character has changed throughout the movie.