Goal Setting Term 4 – 13/10/2014

Students will set goals for term 4. Each student must set a realistic reading, writing and maths goal. These goals must be targeted at improving the students’ work. Students will also complete an active learner goal. Use the active learner anchor chart in the class to help write this gaol. Students will write these goals on a piece of paper and hopefully have time to write them on the blog (a comment on this post) at some stage during the week.

Goals for Week 7

Today you will need to set your independent goals for the week for reading, writing, and active learning

Remember your goals should be achievable and realistic.

You will have to reflect on them and discuss how you have been accountable, so make sure you think about what you are going to be working on for reading and writing. For example, for reading, think about what type of response you will be doing and what comprehension strategies you may be using, and for writing, think about what genre you are choosing.

Week 6 goals

This week we will again set our independent goals for reading, writing and active learning.

Remember your goals should be achievable and realistic. Your reading and writing goals must be aimed to improve your work and your active learner goal must improve the way you go about your work.

Before setting your goals, you need to think hard about what you will be working on for reading and writing. For example, think about what type of writing you’ll be doing and what type of reading responses and comprehension strategies you’ll be using.

You will need to be accountable for these goals.