Maths: Money Investigation Task

This week we have been focusing on money. Today we are going to continue working in adding and subtracting money amounts with a real life-like investigation.

You will be given a money amount and online catalogues to buy 2 presents each for the following people:

– Yourself, an adult female, an adult male, a 15 year old boy and a 4 year old girl.

As you select presents, you will need to add your totals in the table provided to you and you will not be able to go over the money amount that you have been given.





Catalogues for Maths Investigation

Here are two catalogues for the maths investigation. Click on the links and find different items to subtract from your money amount.

Volume and Capacity – Magic Potion

Today 3/4A you will complete the capacity task that 3/4J shared at assembly. You will pretend to be Witches and Wizards and will invent a magic potion. You have strict instructions from the head witch (aka Mrs Smythe), that your potion can only be 600 millilitres. You must think of 6 different ingredients to put into your potion. Unfortunately, if one of those ingredients is 100 millilitres the potion will explode. If you use more than 6 ingredients or if your ingredients don’t add to 600 millilitres the potion will also explode.


  • The potion you create will need to be 600 millilitres. If it is under or over 600 millilitres it will explode!
  • You can use 6 ingredients in your potion. ONLY 6! Some ingredients you might use? Examples: blood, unicorn hair, frog’s skins, toe nails etc…
  • How many millilitres might each ingredient be if your potion is to be 600 millilitres?
  • You are not to have any ingredient equaling 100 millilitres. If they do your potion will not work and will explode.
  • Challenge yourself to think of other numbers you could use to reach 600.
  • You will brainstorm a way to get to 600 millilitres. Check your answer with Mrs Smythe.
  • You will then be given the measuring jug activity, where you are required to…
      • Give your potion a name, write each ingredient down the bottom and write how many millilitres each one is.
      • You will then put each ingredient into your jug and then you will colour it in.
  • Upon completion you can write a recipe for your potion. You must will list ingredients, method, what happens when the potion is taken and how it can be reversed.


Money Maths Investigation

Today you are going to begin a Maths Investigation about money. You are going to use the images of the catalogue to find Christmas presents for 4 people. You will be buying for a girl aged 10, a boy aged 15, an adult female, an adult male and yourself. You will be allowed to spend up to $200 on each person and must buy at least 3 things for each person.

Success Criteria:

  • Find at least 3 items per person… you can only spend a maximum of $200 per person.
  • Record each item in a table with the cost.
  • Add up the cost of the items per person by using addition strategies.
  • Record your answers.
  • Add up the total amount that you have spent.

Money Maths Investigation

Lets Go Shopping – Working With Money In Maths

3/4A today you will be given a Maths investigation that you will really love. Here is your scenario:

It is time to go Christmas shopping. You will be:

  1. Shopping for a family of 4 – A female ( A mum) 45 years of age, A Male (A grandad) 67 years of age, A teenage female 16 years of age and a young male toddler 3 years of age.
  2. You have $1000 because you had saved all year to buy really good presents.
  3. You can spend as much as you would like on each person but your total spending can not go over $1000.
  4. Make sure you keep a tally of your calculations.
  5. You will be marked on your mathematical evidence e.g. your working out
  6. You must be able to keep a running total of your expensives.
  7. Use you grid book, this will keep your calculations neat and easy to understand.
  8. Record your spending by naming the items you buy.
  9. You may use Kidblog to record the items and prices. This will stop you from forgetting exactly what you brought and where from.
  10. You will work with a partner.
  11. Have Fun

Here are the websites you must use to go shopping: