Maths Talk: Capacity

Capacity is a word used for measuring liquid. Liquid can be measure in milliliters, liters & megaliters.

Today we are going to use a maths talk to start talking about capacity. Look at the question and answers below. Carefully pick one of the answers and then explain why that is your answer.

Informal capacity



Maths Talk: Adding Money

Here are two money problems. Read them carefully and solve the problems. Show your working out write your answer. Be prepared to share your answer and how you worked it out.

  • Sandy bought her lunch. She bought a salad for $3.65 and a drink for $2.30. How much money did she spend? 
  • Mary loves eating fruit. She bought some cherries for $3.75, some bananas for $2.45 and oranges for $4.20. How much money did she spend?