Homework: Grid Coordinates 

Use the map below and the grid coordinates to answer the following questions: 

a) What is grid coordinate for the front door?

b) The grade 2 classroom is mostly in what grid coordinate?

c) The nurse’s office has what grid coordinate?

d) What are the 3 grid coordinates for the hallway?


Natural and Man-Made Disasters

Watch the videos on natural and man-made disasters.

What do you think is the difference between a natural and man-made disaster? What do you think has been the most devastating disaster on earth? Why?

Write a Voki explaining the differences between a natural and man-made disaster.

Research and unpack a seed based on one of the disasters in the videos. Your research should include what caused the disaster and the devastation that the disaster caused.

Saving the Orang-utans – Homework week 4

Here is another link to a video based on saving an endangered animal. The orang-utan is critically endangered because of poaching and deforestation. Watch the video and then use the focus questions below to post a comment. You may write your comment by hand if you do not have access to the internet at home.


– explain how humans have caused the endangerment of orang-utans.
– describe the natural habitat of an orang-utan before and after deforestation.
– why should poaching and deforestation be banned?

Your responses should be in paragraphs and you will need a heading. The best ones will be published for your writers gift.

Donkeys Can’t Fly on Planes

This is a newspaper article from The Age. The article is about student stories that have been published in a book called Donkeys Can’t Fly on Planes. Nyetap, Nyanom and Guguei from our grade are three of the authors of the book.

Read the newspaper article from The Age and think of key observations from the text. What questions could we ask and what could our inferences be?