Inferring from a media text: Open-Minded Portrait

Pick one of the video clips below to watch and track your thinking.

When you are tracking your thinking, you’ll choose one of the Olympic athletes and track your inferences from the athletes perspective.

  • Make inferences about their feelings
  • Make inferences about their thinking.

You will then turn your inferences into an open-minded portrait, which will be a descriptive piece of writing that explains how the athlete is thinking and feeling throughout their event.

Clip 1: Usain Bolt – 2012 London Olympics 100m


Clip 2: 2km rowing final – Rio Olympics 2016

Clip 3: 10km Rio Olympics 2016

Clip 4: Gymnastics Rio Olympics 2016

Olympic 100m Freestyle: Journalist

Today you are going to be journalist. Watch the video from today’s swimming and take notes about what you see and hear. Think about who is swimming, what is happening, what happened at the end, what you hear and any other important pieces of information.

You will then continue a seed so you will ready to write a newspaper article about the race, which Australia have not won in a very long time.

Olympic Games Look and Learn Task

Last week we bagan to understand the Olympic Games and its importance throughout the world. Today you are going to use the videos to complete a descriptive look and learn task.

– Explain what the Olympic Games are.

– Explain how the athletes would feel to compete for their country at the Olympics.

– Explain how the atletes feel after they have won a competition.

– Describe the noise from the crowd during the Sydney Olympic games in 2000.

– Describe how Cathy Freeman felt after her race.