Reading – OWI

Yesterday we began a unit of work on OWIs. We use OWIs to get us thinking about important parts of a text to help us understand what we are reading. Today we are going to continue to use images to practise completing an OWI.

You will need to:

  • Look carefully at one of the images and pick out 2 important observations (what you can see)
  • Ask a powerful question for each of your observation
  • Infer an answer to your question and try to support your answer with some evidence.


Completing an OWI from a text.

This week we have used pictures to complete OWIs. The purpose of an OWI is to be able to determine importpart parts of a text and use our inferring skills to gain a greater understanding of what we have read.

Today we are going to complete an OWI on a written text. We are using a page from Endangered Close Up, written by Laura Hendry.

– We will read the text about tigers and make a key observation by determining an important fact.

– We will then ask a thick question about the key observation.

– An inference will then be made to answer the question and evidence will be included to support our inference.

Homework: OWI

This week we have started completing OWIs to give us a better understanding of books we read. We have used images to help us understand how an OWI works.

O = a key observation

W = wonder (ask a thick question about your key observation)

I = Make an Inference to answer your question and try and include some evidence.

For this week’s homework you will use the image below (which we used for our 100 word challenge on the ferocious wind) to complete an OWI. Your work does not need to be presented in a table. You can write a comment on the blog or on a piece of paper and explain a key observation from the image, your thick question and your inference with evidence. Your homework will be due on Friday the 24th of July.



Today we are going to complete an OWI from Paul Jenning’s Know All. You will need to make three observations of key parts, ask thick questions and infer answers with questions with evidence. Also remember to complete the title author and SL1S.


Homework-Week 9- O.W.I.

56b classroom

Still from Lagos film

In class we have been working on O.W.I. responses in our reading. This week we would like you to look at the image above and write an O.W.I response.
You need to write 2 Observations, 2 Wonderings (questions, that are linked to your observations) and 2 Inferences (linked to your observations and wonderings.)
Make sure your observations are descriptive and use emotive works to describe what you can see. Observations are factual. Only describe what you can actually see.
Please make your questions ‘deep thinking’ questions.
Please remember your inferring are like predictions that MUST include evidence from the picture. Eg- You think ..?..because you know…?…
Good luck.

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Observing – OWI

This term we will be focusing on using OWIs as a reading strategy to assist our comprehension. The O stands for observing, which means it is something that you can see in the text, not what you think, predict or infer. Use the text and image to observe three main facts.