Persuasive Writing: Example

Example Tubing

When we write a persuasive piece of writing, it must be structured and convincing.

This term we are focusing on using the following in our persuasive writing:

  • Powerful hook-ins with a clear opinion
  • Synonyms to replace boring words
  • Emotive words to explain feelings
  • Strong persuasive devices
  • Questions to make the reader think
  • Strong arguments that are very well supported with evidence and examples
  • A conclusion with a restated opinion and call to action
  • Structured paragraphs

Click on the example above and think about whether this piece of writing has been well-structured and if it is persuasive.


Homework: Looking at a persuasive piece of writing

This is our first homework task for the year. Homework will be due in on Wednesdays.

3/4A have started writing some persuasive pieces of writing. We have learnt that we write persuasive pieces to convince others to change their opinions.

Look carefully at the persuasive piece of writing below. Read the piece of writing and complete the tasks below in a comment or you can write it on paper and hand it to Mr Andrew.


– Write down what you think makes a good persuasive piece of writing.
– What is the author’s opinion?
– Write down one of the author’s reasons.
– Do you think that this is a good persuasive piece of writing? Explain your answer.

Homework Week 7 – Persuasive Introduction

Your homework for week 7 is to use the topic below to write an engaging persuasive introduction. Remember your introduction must have a hook-in, your opinion and may contain a sentence that defines the topic.

Should children eat fatty and sugary foods?

A prize will be organised for the unit’s most engaging introduction.

You may choose to complete the piece of writing by adding strong arguments that are supported and a conclusion.


We have discussed the importance of unpacking quality seeds to unable us to complete fantastic pieces of writing. This week we are going to use some media (image, news article and video) to assist us in unpacking a seed. We will use the headings Description (of the topic), My Opinion/s, Feeling Words and Key Facts to assist us when unpacking the seed.

Your seed is going to be based on the Western Australian Shark Cull, which has created lots of debate in WA and around the whole world. Use the media below to learn more about the topic and let it assist you in unpacking your seed. Remember to extend your thinking as much as possible when unpacking your seed.

IMG_0873 IMG_0871

Homework: persuasive writing – class party

During the past week, I’ve had some students ask for a class party.

Well, here is your chance.

Your homework task is to persuade me to have or not have a class party before the end of term.

You must complete a persuasive piece, that is structured with an introduction (hook in and opinion), a body (3 strongly supported arguments) and a concluding statement.

Remember to use lots of powerful language such as synonyms, emotive words, adjectives, etc.

You may write your persuasive piece as a comment or hand write it.

The homework will be due Tuesday 3rd of September.

I look forward to reading your arguments.

Homework / Week 2 Term 2

Below is a persuasive writing example. Your task this week is to read this persuasive piece very carefully and then complete the following in sentences:
– Is this piece of writing structured correctly. Why/why not?
– What is the author’s opinion?
– What emotive words have been used?
– Has the author used a hook-in?
– What do you think is the strongest argument?
– What could the author do to improve this persuasive piece of writing?