Model Builders Expo

Over the last year and a half, students from the senior unit have been building some amazing models. Below are some images of the models that have been built by the students and their instructors.

What do you think of the models?

Which model do you think is the best and why do you think that?



Asian Inquiry Expo

Yesterday the senior unit held their inquiry expo based on making comparisons between Australia and an Asuan country. The expo also included some Asian cooking from the different countries that the students researched.

-Describe one thing you learnt about your inquiry country.

-Describe one difference between your inquiry country and Australia.

-Describe one similarity between your inquiry country and Australia.

– Explain which Asian food you liked the best and why.



We have discussed the importance of unpacking quality seeds to unable us to complete fantastic pieces of writing. This week we are going to use some media (image, news article and video) to assist us in unpacking a seed. We will use the headings Description (of the topic), My Opinion/s, Feeling Words and Key Facts to assist us when unpacking the seed.

Your seed is going to be based on the Western Australian Shark Cull, which has created lots of debate in WA and around the whole world. Use the media below to learn more about the topic and let it assist you in unpacking your seed. Remember to extend your thinking as much as possible when unpacking your seed.

IMG_0873 IMG_0871

Look and learn.

Look carefully at the image below and complete the tasks in detail.

– Where in the world do you think this is? Why?
– Describe what you see in the photo using powerful language?
– What would it be like to live here? Why?