Week 10 Read Alouds

This week we are going to focus on making inference from fables (traditional stories). When we make inferences we must use clues in the text to think deeper and gain a greater understanding about characters, setting and the plot.

We will begin the week by completing a response together and finish the week by completing an independent response to one of the fables.

As we read, we will also try to clarify the meaning of any words that we do not understand.

Monday Read Aloud (The Frogs and the Ox)


Wednesday Read Aloud (The Town Mouse & the Country Mouse)\


Thursday Read Aloud (The Fox and the Grapes)



Read Aloud: The Golden Rule

Yesterday 3/4A read the Golden Rule by Ilene Cooper. Our focus was to find the big idea of the story. After reading the text the students worked in their reading response books and wrote down their big idea. Most students thought the big idea was, ‘Treat others the way you want to be treated.’

Below is Tyson’s reading response.