Reading Comprehension

For reading today you will need to read your selected text. Read the text carefully and use the comprehension strategies to help you understand the text and any words you find challenging.

Once you have completed the text, write a title and SL1S in your book and answer the questions.

Text 1:

Text 2:

Text 3:

Text 4:

Text 5:

Text 6:



Herald Sun Reading Tasks…

Herald Sun Reading Tasks…

Use your comprehensions skills to read the texts… Make sure you determine the most important parts of the text, make inferences and connections and attempt to clarify any unknown words. Once you have completed the text, answer the quiz questions in sentences.

Reen, Brooke, Bethany

Keech, Cordell, Brayden, Lexi, Rianah

Abdul-Rehman, Ruot, Kyah, Jett Ayden

Reading: Determining Importance

When we read it is very important we find and understand the most important parts of a text…

To do this we must:

  • Think about what you are reading
  • Think about what you want to learn about
  • Sound out and clarify unknown words
  • Re-word the important facts in our own words