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Today you will use the videos below to complete a BIG WRITE.

  • Think about the genres of writing you could complete based on the videos.
  • Choose 1 genre and your plan your writing.
  • Write a structured and engaging draft with lots of powerful language.
  • Proofread and revise your draft.
  • Publish your work.

Adventures are the Pits: Narrative

Today we are going to watch a short narrative film. We will then use the film to unpack a seed for a narrative story. Later in the week we will write our own descriptive narrative based on the film.

Remember a narrative is a descriptive piece of writing that must a setting at least one character. A narrative should always be written in paragraphs and should include an orientation, problem and solution.

Narrative writing seed

After spending the last five writing sessions focusing on persuasive writing, today we are going to unpack a new seed for a narrative text and attempt to write an engaging and structured story that entertains readers.

Think about the narrative writing structure and what type of descriptive language that can be used to make your writing more interesting.

Remember to use the narrative checklist and the hamburger model to successfully write your story.

Under the sea

Timed Writing: Narrative

Today we are going to complete a timed writing task. Our goal is to write a structured narrative that is engaging.

To do this, we will need to plan our narrative 5-10mins. We will then write our drafts, ensuring we use descriptive language and have a beginning, middle and end that is written in paragraphs. We will use the checklist to help us make sure we include everything in our narratives.

To help us use descriptive language we can do the following:

  • Use adjectives in front of nouns (example: long grass)
  • Use synonyms to replace boring words (examples: ran > bolted, big > massive, scared > petrified, looked > peered)
  • Use emotive words to explain how characters are feeling (example: Billy was exhausted)
  • Try and use a simile (The dog bolted away like a sprinting cheetah chasing its petrified prey)

Also think about your spelling by carefully sounding words out… think about how many syllables are in the word and make sure you included the correct sounds when trying to spell a word that is difficult.

Your writing prompt for today is…


Narrative Seed

naplan seed

Today you are going to use the writing prompt to unpack a very descriptive seed on ‘What a Mess!’

  • Unpack an interesting problem > describe what the problem is going to be.
  • Describe the setting (where, when, sounds, looks like, etc)
  • Characters > Who are the characters? Describe the characters (traits and emotions).
  • Unpack a solution to the problem. Describe the solution and try and finish the story with something interesting.
  • Use descriptive language (adjectives, similes, synonyms and emotive words)
  • Carefully sound words out to ensure you are making sensible spelling mistakes.

Transition Writing Task

Today you are going to complete a short descriptive piece of writing…

Firstly, you will begin by unpacking a senses seed (write down what you see, feel, hear and smell) on the image of the pizza and wood-fire oven.


Secondly, you will complete a draft by using the following sentence starters. Try to use lots of descriptive words to make your writing sound more powerful.

As I …….

I can hear the ……

I feel the ………

I wonder ……

The smell …….

I finally see ……

Senses seed

Today you are going to use this amazing video to unpack a senses seed. Watch the seed very carefully and imagine you are the iguana being chased by snakes.

Once you have completed the seed, you will begin a descriptive piece of writing about the video.

Aaron Blabey – Author study…

Today you will use the i-Pads to research Aaron Blabey and unpack a descriptive seed on him…

You will need to break the seed up into 5 parts.

  • Who is he?
  • Personal information…
  • Description of what he does…
  • What has he achieved/written…
  • Conclusion > What will he like to do in the future…

You will be able to use the following websites to help you research Aaron Blabey.




If you are able to complete your research you will be able to write a structured biography that has a paragraph for each of the sections in your seed.

Homework: Snapshot writing

For this week’s homework you are going to complete a short snapshot based on the image below. Remember a snapshot piece of writing is based on one moment and needs to include the following:

  • Senses – What you can see, hear, feel, taste and smell.
  • Adjectives to describe nouns
  • Similes to add description
  • Synonyms to replace boring words (example: scared > terrified, happy > ecstatic)
  • Emotive words to explain feelings
  • Hook the reader in by having an exciting and interesting opening sentence
  • Attempts to correctly spell unknown words by stretching out the sounds in the words.

Image result for rio olympics marathon finish

Look and Learn Task: Thailand Tiger Temple

Tiger temples in Thailand are very popular attractions for tourists, who are able to pay money to have close encounters with tigers.

Last week, authorities raided a Tiger Temple in the capital city of Thailand and what they discovered was shocking.

Together we will read the following article about the discovery in the Tiger Temple.


The picture above shows part of the terrible discovery at the Thailand Tiger Temple

Many people pay money to see tigers close up. The tigers in the Tiger Temples are not treated well. Many are drugged and their enclosures are nothing like their natural habitat.

For your look and learn task today you will respond to the following tasks in as much detail as possible.

  • Describe what was discovered in the Thailand Tiger Temple.
  • After reading the text, describe how you feel about the Tiger Temple in Thailand.
  • Explain why you think the Tiger Temple have killed tigers and tiger cubs.
  • Explain how you think the public can stop the poaching and illegal trading of tiger parts.