A goal is something you set out to do and try to achieve. There are many types of goals and they can be used for almost everything that you do.

Goals can long-term or short-term. An example of a short-time goal is, ‘Beat your last time in the run.’ A long-term goal might be, ‘Run under 3 minutes at the end of the year.’

All goals you set must be realistic and achievable. What do these two words mean?

This year we will begin to set and use lots of short-term goals. The goals will be based on being a good active learner as well as academic goals.

Your active learner goals will need to be based on how you approach your work, organisation, independent learning skills, working in groups, listening and joining in discussions.

Your academic goals will be aimed to improve your work. For example you will set a goal for reading and that goal will improve your reading skills. An example of a reading goal would be, ‘Track my inferences about a character when reading.’

When setting a goal, you need to think very carefully about what you would like to improve on.

Today we are going to set three goals:

  1. Active learner goal.
  2. Reading goal.
  3. Writing goal.

You will post your goals as a comment on the blog. You MUST be accountable for your goals.


Model Builders Expo

Over the last year and a half, students from the senior unit have been building some amazing models. Below are some images of the models that have been built by the students and their instructors.

What do you think of the models?

Which model do you think is the best and why do you think that?



Asian Inquiry Expo

Yesterday the senior unit held their inquiry expo based on making comparisons between Australia and an Asuan country. The expo also included some Asian cooking from the different countries that the students researched.

-Describe one thing you learnt about your inquiry country.

-Describe one difference between your inquiry country and Australia.

-Describe one similarity between your inquiry country and Australia.

– Explain which Asian food you liked the best and why.