Tomorrow our grade is going to conduct Junior School Council speeches. If any student wants to be a JSC representative this year, they will need to make a speech in front of the class detailing why they would be a great representative.

A Junior School Council representative needs to be a very responsible student who consistently:

  • Tries their best
  • Is a good role-model for all students
  • Follows class and yard expectations
  • Shows respect to everyone at all times.
  • Is organized
  • Is willing to help and assist others
  • Is willing to give up some of their recess and lunchtimes to help students in the Friendship space and attend JSC meetings
  • Is happy to complete community events away from the school

If students wish, they can write their speech out and read it to the rest of the class. One male and one female will be chosen to represent our class.

I’m looking forward to hearing some excellent JSC speeches.

Mr. Andrew

Harmony Day

Today is Harmony Day. It is a day where we celebrate diversity and everybody getting along.
Below is a link that shows videos of what Australian students think of harmony and diversity.

What do you think harmony means?
What do you think diversity means?


Choose a medal or paper balloon and write a Harmony Day message on it. Think about what harmony and diversity mean. You will then be able to colour the medal or paper balloon.

Remembrance Day – Synthesising

Today is Remembrance Day. For reading we are going to look at a PowerPoint Presentation about Remembrance Day.


We are going to record our thinking before, during and after reading. We will then turn our thinking into a synthesising wheel.

Before reading I think…

During reading I have learnt…

After reading I now know…

Asian Inquiry Expo

Yesterday the senior unit held their inquiry expo based on making comparisons between Australia and an Asuan country. The expo also included some Asian cooking from the different countries that the students researched.

-Describe one thing you learnt about your inquiry country.

-Describe one difference between your inquiry country and Australia.

-Describe one similarity between your inquiry country and Australia.

– Explain which Asian food you liked the best and why.


School Captain Leadership Conference in Sale

On Monday, the school captains went to a leadership conference in Sale. They were part of a large group of students who learnt about becoming better leaders by helping others, encouraging peers, being a good role model and learning how to organise events. The students were involved in some fun and interactive games and also had the opportunity to go on stage and talk about what they had learnt in front of 200 students from across Gippsland.