What is erosion?

Erosion happens when rivers, oceans, ice and wind change the Earth’s shape.

What causes erosion?

The coastline is always changing shape. The water and wind batter cliff faces. Sand dunes can form when the wind blows the sand around and piles it up. Winter storms, changing weather and climate change are factors in causing erosion.

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Synthesising: Hurricane Irma

Over the last 2 weeks we have been synthesising from non-fiction and fiction texts. This week we are going to watch a video from Behind the News to synthesise from. Remember when we synthesise we add to our thinking or change our thoughts about a topic, character or storyline.

The video from Behind the News is based on Hurricane Irma.

You will need to write down your before, during and after thinking. We will then put our thinking into a synthesising response.


6/9/2013 Inquiry Expectations

Term 3’s inquiry time is coming to an end. All groups still have lots to complete. Today you will need to work on the following:

–       Organise your science experiment and report (there is another separate post regarding the science experiment and report).

–       Ensure your information report glogsters have been posted to kidblog (clearly labeled).

–       Begin to finalise your video. Nyang and Nyawech see me regarding the presentation of your video.

–       Work on your wix website. You will need to ensure you have detailed information about your topic, separate pages, images and videos… hopefully everyone will be able to log in without any problems.

–       Continue to add to your bibliography on kidblog.

Inquiry Science Presentation

–       As part of your inquiry project you need to conduct a science experiment and write up a science report.

–       Your experiment must be very closely related to your topic/questions.

–       Carefully use the internet to assist you in finding an experiment that you could use… consider the materials that you will need and ensure you write a list of materials that you will need and post these materials on the kidblog under a title ‘Science Materials.’

–       Your science report must include the following. Some of the report can be completed prior to the experiment and other parts need to be completed after.

  • Title
  • Purpose (Why?)
  • Materials
  • Method
  • Hypothesis (What do you think will happen?)
  • Results
  • Conclusion

30/8/2013 Inquiry Expectations

Today you must:

– Complete a seed on your topic, which will be turned into an information report draft and then published as a glogster. You should aim to have your information report drafted by recess and the glogster finished be lunch time. If your draft has not been completed by recess you will need to stay in and complete it.

– Finish off your published mind-map using a laptop or iPad. This should have already been finished. If it’s not completed by recess you will be staying in and finishing it.

– Set up a wix account for your group at and begin to construct your web-site. Don’t start the wix until you have completed your information report. Be as creative as possible. Your wix should have at least four pages, include information about your topic, have pictures and videos.

– Begin your Windows Live Movie. Once again, do not start this until you have completed your information report. Your group needs to discuss what you want to do with your video in your conference with Mr Andrew.

– Have a conference with Mr. Andrew.

– Begin designing your science experiment.

– Use some of the videos on to assist you.

– Record your ongoing bibliography in kidblog.

– Post photos for your movie and information report to kid blog.

– Reflect